Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

25 Things About Me…

25 Things that Everyone Should Know, or No One Should. (that’s why I’m publishing it on the net)

by Daylynne Starr

1) I have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and love funny stuff. I love funny movies and shows, and look for humor in the everyday things of life. I really believe laughter is the best medicine.

2) I’m a control freak, and a perfectionist. I have a natural CEO mindset, which makes me a great CEO, but a real bitch at work.

3) I’ve had 4 books published, all non-fiction, and won Barnes & Noble Writers Awards. Also wrote 4 different monthly regular columns for national magazines, including being columnist for the AKC Gazette. I’m considered a professional writer, but I don’t consider myself a writer. I think I’m just a blabber-mouth, who has to resort to writing it down once in a while, usually just when everyone leaves the room,

4) I advocate changing your eating habits instead of dieting, doctors agree with me, Weight Watchers don’t.

5) I’m a “Who,” you know what a Who is? Well, there’s a lot of us. Fact is there are so many Who’s that they put out a BIG Book so you can keep all of us separate. And they call that Big Book, Who’s Who. NO, not the Who’s the Who. I had a very busy life before becoming an Internet marketer.

6) I love everything techy, but usually need someone to show me how to do them. But I have no idea how to text message… and fortunately none of my friends do either.

7) I count heavily on my outsource team. (shhh, don’t tell them that)

8) I have always been touchy about my age, and resented it when I was young and people’s first question to me was always, “How old are you little girl?” When I asked my mom why I couldn’t ask those people their age, I got hushed. PS, don’t ask me now either.

9) I love to eat… eating is more than a way to stay alive… its what makes living worth while… Good and Great foods… and not afraid to try almost anything. I have a great story about my first time eating raw oysters on the half shell, and in public.

10) I loved Alex Jeffreys lesson on planning… that’s me… somewhere in my life I forgot how to be spontaneous.

11) I love casinos… and go often. I have 5 Indian casinos within 15 miles of my home, and friends and I go often for a day or evening out for the great food they serve and a good time. I’m anything but a gambler. But I win a lot. (Must be my good clean living, LOL). Really looking forward to our Vegas trip.

12) I love the finer things of life… cultural things, like concerts, the opera, museums, and historical places and things, fine art and such. Classical music plays all the time I’m at my computer, with one of the best sound systems available.

13) I’m a shopper. Shopping isn’t exactly my first love, but pretty close to it. Well! I AM a woman after all!

14) I’m a loyal friend, almost to a fault, even if they’ve hurt me. I value true friendship, but don’t have enough of them.. still trying to find one in marketing, want to apply?

15) I’m an incurable night owl. My usual hours are from about 10:30 to 11am to about 2:30 to 4 am. But I hate to be phoned after 9:30 pm I do my best creative thinking and doing after midnight.

16) I hate “roughing it” camping, and hiking stuff. I did my share of fishing and hunting things with my husband, so I could be his buddy. Now, my idea of roughing it is when the Hilton runs out of ice. Warm drinks, UGH

17) I hate being called to join someone’s mentoring online course, especially when one of their EMPLOYEES is going to be my personal coach… all for $5000 and up.. if he’s so good, I keep wondering why that employee is still working a JOB?

18) I am an absolute couch potato.. I did my share of exercise in athletics when I was young. I love curling up in front of the Big Screen TV with an old classic movie, or a new thriller. Pass the popcorn.

19) I’m Ms. Fuss-budget, I like everything neat and tidy, a place for Everything and Everything in it’s place. You should see how neat and tidy my desk is. NOT!

20) I love being pampered, like what woman doesn’t?

21) One of my faults is that I love to help people, and show them what and how to do things. It seems there are a lot of people who just don’t want my help, and resent it. Wonder why? (refer to #2)

22) When I was a teen, I was a world class figure skater. But when I first started, one of the first things I was taught, is that it was OK to fall, as a fact, I would fall many times before I became a really good skater. But the most important thing about falling, is learning to always get back up again.

23) Hello! I’m Daylynne and I’m a Choc-o-holic. It’s incurable. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

24) I had to learn to be a procrastinator…now having problems unlearning it, seems I don’t get around to it.

25) Money isn’t a motivator to me. I’ve been very very rich, and I’ve been pretty broke, and believe me rich is better! And you know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but you can sure be miserable in style.

26) I don’t like writing my “About Me” page, or telling people my biography, because my life has been so interesting, adventurous, exciting, and rewarding, no one ever believes it and brands me as a liar. So this 25 or more things about me is as close as you’re gonna get. Oh yeah, did I mention, I’m real bossy too.

Oh and did I mention I’m single, and I love moonlight walks on the beach and sitting by a cozy fire holding hands with my partner…. Opps wrong list…LOL

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19 Responses

September 23, 2009

Hi Daylynne,

You just CRACK ME UP!!! You are TOO funny…I absolutely love your sense of humor. You have had one heck of an interesting life, and I can certainly relate to some of the points on your list. One that I can NOT relate to is #25, although I am hoping that next year at this time, I can say that! I am with you all the way on the chocolate addiction…I am sure that most woman especially, would echo those sentiments. ;-) And about the procrastination…did I ever get back to you?????????????? I’m sorry…I need a good swift kick in the pants to keep me focused!!! AND…about 8 extra hours a day would also help!

I wish you all of the success in the world, Daylynne-you deserve it!

Take care,

September 23, 2009

Hi Daylynne,

Interesting, funny, impressive; great list, thorughly enjoyed it and had a good laugh – especially #16. Roughing it is when the Hilton runs out of ice.

You’ve put a lot of yourself into this list Daylynne and it shines through.

Take care,

September 23, 2009

Hey Joann…
Dear Fellow Choc-o-holic… (lol)
Thanks for your comments, I’m so glad you appreciated it! It seems
the guys dont find the real humor in some of it… If Gazzz had added to the list
for us to put on “what we wanted to be next year at this time” I had a
simple answer: 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter! What else?

At the next meeting of the Procrastinators Club, I’m giving everyone a free
gift.. and nice new Round Toit. Then we can meet and go shopping.

I had a lot of fun with this… but so did my programmer, Beau,
he came up with the Army pic… :-) Gonna hop over to your blog and make
sure you did this right too… LOL
thanks again, have fun today

September 23, 2009

Awww Andrew,
You are so sweet. Many thanks, I’m really glad you
enjoyed it. They say it takes a mature mind to laugh at oneself.
(Or was that a disturbed mind?)

Learning this marketing and starting new projects and testing and
checking and replying and counting money, makes all of us a
bit too serious about ourselves. You gotta take time to smell
the roses along the way. Alex does that, and hes our example…
So have some fun today… :-)
Thanks again for your comment, greatly appreciated….

September 23, 2009

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post since it was put up. In trying to change it to work properly,
we lost several comments that were left previously.

And apparently several were never even seen by us.
My apology for this, as your comments are really important to me.
If you want to try to comment again, it seems to be working now,
I would appreciate your input.

Sorry for this… thanks

September 29, 2009


Love the facts and the style!! I can agree with number 16 – just made the mistake of a few days camping at Oktoberfest due to lack of other accomodation and I can certainly say never again – luckily there was enough beer on hand to ensure that I could pass out!

I also find number 24 a problem but Alex’s thoughts and insights have been helpful in developing techniques to help me improve.
All the best


September 30, 2009

Hey Tom…
Thanks for the addition to my fun time.
I thought you Brits liked your beer warm. LOL

I want you to know that there is a RARE breed that actually think
sleeping on the ground in all sorts of weather, and eating beans over
and open fire is a wonderful thing. Here in the States we call them Bums,
or the Homeless People. (I hope I haven’t offended any of them tuned in).

Thanks for taking the time to comment, and add to the fun. I hope you
are planning on being at our Vegas Seminar and party, I’m giving all the members
of the Procrastinators Club a little gift (if I get around to it) LOL

Keep smiling…

October 8, 2009

Hi Daylynn,

Fantastic Post …. I love the main picture!


October 9, 2009

Hey John…
Thanks for your comment. We all have been having fun
with it.
I will do your request. Didnt think you wanted the world to
see your message. :-)

October 24, 2009

Hi Daylynne

Just joined Alex’s classes and catching up with everyone.

Are you my long lost sister??!!

Numbers 2,6 8,9,10,12,14,15,16,18,19,20 are me!

Actually I do have a long lost sister somewhere – really.

And I am bossy too.

And I have the weirdest sense of humour.

Love your blog


October 24, 2009

NOooo Sue..
I don’t think I’m the lost sister… (insert theme music here from Twilight Zone)
I think YOU are my alternate self in the other Universe! Well.. UK is almost
a universe away (LOL)
Hope you also liked Fun-time…. I’m still looking for some of the Alex-ites to add their
funnies to it.
Be sure to check out the serious articles too, some of them may really help you
get started with the class. :-)
Thanks for the comment…

May 8, 2010

I love this Daylynne, its really cool. You really do have a great sense of humour.

Lovin it!


May 9, 2010

You’ve made me laugh Darlynne. Not too many folks can do that. Most just want c.c. number. I love reading other peoples stories… You should read what I’ve gone through.

Thanks from

May 9, 2010

I enjoyed this very much, I needed a pick me up! I have a case of info overload, needed a time out, thank you Kathy

May 9, 2010

I’m lovin’ it too tony…

I’m really glad you got to know me a little better. :-)
Stay tuned in, its going to get better this month, when you see all
the great goodies and freebies and special offers and bonuses I’m
bringing to all my subscribers. :-)

May 9, 2010

Hey Paul—
That’s one of life’s greatest pleasures is to bring a smile to someones face!

I can imagine Paul, we have all gone through rough spots in our lives. I hope to help
you all through those spots in marketing too. Watch for my goodies this month… you’ll
love it.

May 9, 2010

HI Kathy –
I’m really happy you wrote this comment. Glad you got a relief from that
info overload too… I’ve been through that too, this month I hope to help you out on that
too. Along with all the rest of my subscribers who suffer with the same malady.

Watch your mail box for all the Goodies this month especially… you’ll love it too. :-)

June 20, 2010

I think in an email one time you said that if I asked you a question, you would try to answer it. I got a free white paper from someone admittedly trying to sell me a course. I’m too broke to buy anything(temporarily, I hope). The gist of his paper was that if you put your states name in front of your product in a Google search you would be able to get page one results on Google. Well, he was right. If I put Pennsylvania buckwheat pillows in Google search, I come up with several listings on Google’s first page. however I can’t figure out what the good of it is. I don’t think people will naturally type that into Google’s search engine. If they did, I would already be reaping the results of it, and I am not. What am I missing here? Is there a way to get people to type that into search engines? I just don’t get how to make use of this phenomenon. Is this just a trick to get me to buy his course?
Thank you for your interest.

July 5, 2010

HI Linwood…
Yes, I think you may have hit the nail on the head, it sure sounds
as if the “white-paper” was a little teaser of how to get on the front page of Google
so you would buy their product.

However, quite a few programmers have written a lot about how to do that.
The thinking of putting the state’s name first, is for people who really are trying to
find a product like yours (or similar) and don’t want to find someone on the other side
of the world, and want to deal with people in their own state.

But before you worry about being on the first page of Google, why don’t you use some
of the tried and true FREE ways to get traffic to your site… take a look at the article here
on the blog, titled “25 Free ways to get traffic” and try some of them before investing
in SEO. Also a good way to get your list increased and even to sell products is to sign up
for some of the many Giveaway Events. Its really a good start for people starting up.

Thanks for your comment… so greatly appreciated.
PS you can also write me anytime at my personal email: Days@DaylynneStarr.com