Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Are You Neglecting Your List and Losing Money?

emailsOne of the most neglected areas of online marketing is sooooo neglected that most people have never even heard of it!

Everyone talks about and writes about and sells products about list building. List Building, List Building, List Building. If you hear or see another article about list building you’re about ready to scream.

Lets face it! List Building IS the most important part of online marketing.


Well, I got caught up in that too. Wait, don’t get me wrong now, List Building IS the most important part of it, but here’s one thing that is never even known by most marketers.

I’m including the Big Dogs too. You know who the Big Dogs are, they’re the guys with big lists, several products out and making good money at it all. But, they’re not the “Gurus.”

I think the difference is that the “Gurus,” aside from being around longer, are also the ones who are more mature. They understand the whole picture well enough to be able to make the millions and to teach it coherently

I’m sure you are just like I am. You get 20 to 50 emails a day from the “Big Dogs” all selling you something. Right? Yup! Personally, I’m fed up being their personal ATM machine. Getting about 10 of them sending me 3 to 5 sales letters each every day is really over-kill.

Is that really what Email is meant to be? I don’t think so, do you?

Well, “the money is in the list,” yes it really is. But, my mentor hit the nail on the head when he drummed it into me, that the money is NOT in the list… but in my relationship with my list!

The biggest part of a strong and effective list is how strong your relationship is with that list!

That isn’t Auto-responder “A list # 215.” That’s Sally Smith, she’s a real person, she’s a mom with 2 small children and she has a real need to make some money on the net. She’s not ATM #215.

Every name on that list is a real person, with real feelings and usually real needs. They need to be thought of that way and not as a dollar sign!

If my aim is to help the people on my list and I think it really should be, shouldn’t my emails to them be aimed in that direction, not in the direction of my pocket-book?

Wait. Stop screaming. YES, the purpose of marketing is to make money. But marketing isn’t selling. Selling is something different.

If you are really marketing, the selling takes care of itself. Marketing is a relationship with “the Market,” the consumer community as a whole. You don’t sell to that. You sell to an individual. Thus the money is in the list.

NO, I’m not talking in circles. I want you to realize that the people on your list will respond to your sales letters better, quicker and even more frequently, if they are first treated like people and individuals with a sense of your sincere interest in them.

Think of it this way, the object of our Blogs and emails to our list is to get the people to know us. When they know us, they will get to like us and when they like us, they will trust us.

And, when they trust us, they will buy from us. They will trust our recommendations for other products and they will clamor for our own products.

A former partner, tells how people used to beg him to take their money in order to get more of the things he was selling or talking about. They knew he delivered lots of high quality content. They liked what he said, and how he explained things. They trusted him to deliver as he had in the past. They wanted to buy from him.

What am I saying here? The most neglected part of marketing online is, and has been, how to build relationships with the real people on your list. Do the people on your list know who you are?

OK, now you have the idea and the thought. Your next question is how to do that. I thought you’d never ask!

How would you like to know not only how to establish relationships with your list, but also how to maintain your list? The answer is in list management. Did you even know there was such a thing as list management? Yeah there is, there’s even a lot about it. Not just the techy stuff, but your role in it.

How about these things:
1) The role of your list
2) Establishing that relationship
3) Listening to your list
4) Reaping the rewards
5) The rating system
6) Differences in personal, affiliate and ad content
7) Building methods
8) Where most effective lists come from
9) Your personal touch and much more
10) How to maximize your list for the most profit

Want to learn more? Just leave a comment and there will be more to come.

Thanks everyone…

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10 Responses

October 13, 2009

Hi Daylenne
Another reality check post,
some of the students on Alexes course got off the mark with break neck speed
however Most including myself now realize it takes a lot of hard work , and part of that hard work is building up good relationships.
As Alex tell’s us , and you have also mentioned it yourself dont chase the money,
What a lot us are doing “in my humble opinion” is we are trying to at least recoup some of the money we have all shelled out to the gurus.
hopefully by building our business and not hard selling
we will get there,
But ive a feeling its gonna take a lot of digging in for me to recoup even half the money I have spent,
still ones has to remain positive

and like old winston churchill himself said ,Never Give Up

cheers mick

October 14, 2009

Hey Mick..
Thanks so much for a great comment! What you say is very true, and
really a problem for new marketers. The ads the ‘Big guys” put out are
mostly misleading. Yes! One CAN make big money on line, and a
million bucks a year isn’t unheard of. BUT, a real newbie, without any
skills or understanding of marketing can’t really.

I tell my off-line friends I’ve learned the equivalent of an MBA in marketing.
We all laugh, but it takes a lot of knowledge to be a really good marketer.
The education you have received so far is far less than 3 or 4 years of college
would cost. But right now I’m not so sure about me… LOL

But Mick, now we are prepared and ready to start raking it in. I surprise myself
when I look at how my list grows daily by leaps and bounds… how this blog is
getting so popular… I’ve had 43,000 hits last month. At all the projects I have up and going
and yes, even the money I’ve made so far. Not the millions the Gurus proclaim, but
getting better and growing each day.

Come back in a few days as we’re putting up a couple things you wont want to miss.
One is titled “How do you eat an Elephant?”

Keep your chin up… (you know hip hip ole boy, isn’t that the Brits way?? lol)
Thanks Chum,

November 18, 2009

Spot on!

As newbies and without proper mentorship we all tend to try and make the mistake of treating a list as, well, a list.

Obviously this more like a readership club than a list, with real people that want to be related to you, that enjoy being in your online presence, that want to read anything you put out.

And all too many times we try to suck money out of that list.
Is that why 90% are doomed to fail in internet marketing?

That and lack of focus, lack of plan, information overload ….


p.s. just wanted to say that I love your posts, I LOVE your graphics and you really are a star

November 18, 2009

Hi Gil…
WOW Thanks for all those kind words! Would you like to
write a book of them for me, er –about me? LOL

As my list (lists) grow I am seeing more problems each day, but have
also found solutions that I will be passing along to all my readers. And
that’s a great phrase, “a readership Club” what every author would kill for.

You’re very right, about 90% + fail at this because they try to “suck money”
out of lists, by being the “telemarketers of the Internet.” Probably because
building that list is so difficult to start with.

Keep up the good work, by the way, did you sign up to be on MY list? You can
learn by observation too you know? :-)

November 22, 2009

Hi Daylynne,
Found your blog hopping around today and just wanted to say Hi! =)
and yes I did sign up for your list. Looking forward to your emails.



November 22, 2009

Hi Lisa…
Well I’m certainly glad you hopped my way. Hope
you enjoyed the Coaching Newbies book that comes with your
sign-up, it has some great articles.

I hope you catch my new post, Life’s a journey part 2.
it will help you on your journey to becoming a good
marketer. I hope you will come and join in my
Giveaway events and help build your email list too.

March 2, 2010

Hi Daylynne,

Great post!

It’s dawned on me over the last couple of days that I’ve been “chasing the $$$” and not treating my list with the respect it deserves.

Reading this post from a few months back just confirms my fears.

I concur with Mick’s comments about rushing in too quickly, trying to recoup some cash and admit that I’m equally as guilty.

Best wishes,


March 3, 2010

Hey Cliff…
Yup, running after money seems to be the right way to go…
After all, we all learn from those ahead of us. The only example we
have is the “big guys” so we try to be like them. Not knowing that
they aren’t doing it right either (really).

Relationship marketing isn’t easy. Plus its slow to pay off. So, we wonder
why should we work so hard at it. There really is an answer… and it’s just one
word: Conversion!

The Gurus bombard us, because their conversion rate and their lists response to them
is 1% or less. So their answer to that.. get more people on the list and double up on
the mail-outs.

On the other hand, I believe that relationship marketing can out perform their lists,
and bring in 10% and even up to 50% response rates are possible. This will change the
marketing community forever… and for good. Everyone wins with that. We need smaller
lists to accomplish the same things. People who get our offers are happier, and every ones
mail box is less jammed. And we can make more money, and feel good helping people instead
of trying to force money out of them all the time.

All this is part of the newest book I’m writing, on responsible marketing, and high converting
lists. Be sure to watch for it, I do guarantee it will change the way you handle your list, and
your marketing techniques and policies. Wow, that sounds heavy, but it will be every marketers
most necessary read.
Thanks for your comments…

March 7, 2010

Thanks Daylynne,

Looking forward to your latest offering!


March 22, 2010

Thanks Cliff…
And so it is, be sure to take a look at my newest article post,
Tips for Writing Your First Sales Letter. Hope it helps you, and everyone
else too.