Sunday, November 29th, 2009



Premier Christmas Giveaway

This  will be my second Give-away event,  Starrs-Giveaway  ran in November and was a resounding success.  My thanks to all our supporters. Our new Giveaway will have many new features — we will be giving PRIZES to the members. Winners will be selected randomly, so nothing to buy, sign, apply for or any other thing,  just show up and start picking out some fabulous products you can use to further your marketing  or  you could even wrap them up and give them as gifts (shhh don’t tell anyone that).

If you are a marketer looking to increase your list,  we invite you  to be our joint venture partner and give away one of your products. Please watch here for the actual dates,  but JV partners will be able to sign up this week.

Thanks… Daylynne

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