Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

How To Make New Products In A Day – - Huge Success!

The Premier offering of my newest product was a huge success.

“Ten Products You Can Make in a Day.”     This great little E-mail Course  debuted a few
weeks ago and caused a sensation with the big smash hit that it was.

SPECIAL Announcement! The course has now had over 1,000 people sign up for it. (July 15th, 2010)
Thank You all for helping make this course such a winner!

The E-Course is ten different products  that a person can easily make in a day,  and most of them in just a
few hours.  The course,  is New and Original,  not a re-hash,  but written personally by myself.
The products are primarily designed to be used for free gifts in the Giveaway Events, or for squeeze
pages.   I give a short version in the course,  but by adding to the product any of them can easily be
used as sale-able products.

These are ideal for newer people in marketing,  and all of the products are simple and easy and most
of them free to make.  This can easily cut off a lot of time in getting started.

I will be offering the course to all my readers here on the Blog.  All of  my readers who are already
signed up as regular readers don’t have to do anything,  you will get an email with the offering and
a link for it.

The rest of you will have to either sign up as a Blog regular,  or sing for your E-course.    :-)
If you would like to have the course,  you will have to leave a comment and give me one good
reason why you think it will help you in your marketing and making money online.  Easy enough?

Oh,  by the way,  the Ecourse delivered to your mail box every second day until the 10 lessons are
complete,   is completely Free!   And if you don’t think it was worth while,  I’ll give you your money
back!    (lol)    Naturally,  I’ll expect a nice testimonial.

The course will be up in a few days  (my programmer took the Holidays off).

So start filling up that comment box!

Daylynne    :-)

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26 Responses

January 9, 2010

Hi Daylnne

Sounds a great course

I for one am excited about it

you wouldn’t want to hear my singing so I willl subscribe to your blog
speak very soon


January 9, 2010

Thanks Mick…
One E-Course coming up! Singing not necessary (lol).
This course is becoming very popular, and its just in its
pre-launch stage. I will add you in. In a few days I’ll be able to send
a free link to everyone.
Hope you enjoy it and it helps you create many original products.
Send your friends, I have plenty to go around. :-)

See you In Vegas at Alex Jeffreys Seminar and grads party …

January 23, 2010

Daylynne hi,

Thought i’d come over to say hello :) .

I’ve just signed up for the new products course and i’m really looking forward to it!

Hopefully it will give me a hand in moving a step or 2 up the long ladder to success.

Thanks for your help,


January 23, 2010

Hi Cliff
Glad you joined the others on the course, Follow the simple directions
and you will be surprised at how easy this really is. First you learn
the easy ones, then the bigger ones. Be sure to try each one, you’ll
be glad you did. :-)
But hurry, you need to have your gift into the Giveaway before Jan 29th,
see you in the winner’s circle…

January 30, 2010

Hi Daylynne – I just signed up for your course. I can’t wait for the next email. =) I haven’t started building a list yet. I know I need a product to join some giveaways, but I have no clue where to start in creating it. Both on the writing and technical side of it.

Can I ask a question about giveaways? Can you sign up with just a free ebook or does it need to have an upsell product attached? Sorry if that’s a dumb question. LOL I think it may take me awhile to create a product to sell, but I want to get started on building my list as soon as possible.


January 31, 2010

Hi Daylynne.
The course sounds great and from one baby boomer to another, we need all the help we can get to compete against these young upstarts who were handed computer educt… edaca……um etuc……learnin’ at skool. :-)

January 31, 2010

Hey Heidi,
Thanks for your comments. There are no stupid questions, little kids ask zillions of them, not to be (or act) dumb or stupid, but just because they dont know or understand something, its called “learning.” So I am happy to help you in the learning process.

Yes, you can just enter a free gift in the Giveaways. As a fact that is the object of them. In recent days, however, they have added the ability to sell a product too, so the people giving the gifts will have a little more incentive to enter gifts. If you don’t enter an upsell, you miss the opportunity to sell your product. I often enter other peoples giveaways with just a freebie, for the same reason you would, to get some new people on your list.

You will find in almost every lesson of the Ten Products, that I give you a few ideas how to elaborate on the product to make it into a salable product, so you can pick one of them and do that, and have a product to sell too.

The technical side is something different (lol) by technically challenged me. But on our giveaway events, we offer my programmer to help you set up your gift, free. You may need some help before you get to that stage tho. But all the products in the course are really simple, and after the first few, you will see just how simple it really is, and all that mystery will dissolve. (yayyyyyy) Hey, just a short while ago they were a mystery to me too, and most of the technical stuff still is. The way to do that is to outsource. Find a friend who’s good at computing, or someone where you live, next source is someone online.

My latest Giveaway is just underway today, so go there and take a look at the gifts,
I recall one of the contributors has a package of many products, which may help you.
But you can see how the event is run, and it may give you lots of ideas.
thanks for writing… let me (and all the other people in the course) know how your product and list building is going.

Remember, I will feature your product on the blog if you submit it to me. :-)

January 31, 2010

Hey Sean…
Hey baby boomer — speak for yourself :-)

I’m sure you will enjoy the course, I really had a great time writing it.
Remember to send me one of your finished products made from the course
and I will feature it here. Hopefully, that will help you on the list building too.

You’ll love this story, one of the “young upstarts” was writing an introduction to one of his products. He started by saying he was planning his retirement in a year or two.
Then told the story of how he started (by accident) when he was 14, and made a bucket of money on the first month of one of the things he wrote.

He went on to list some of his accomplishments, and ended the entire introduction with the words. “I’m 22 now.” :-) Oh well, they say one year equals 20 in computer years, so I guess that makes him 440. Viva Internet.
Enjoy the course… thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

January 31, 2010

Hi Daylynne

It’s a great little course you have given us all, and THANK YOU. Having bumbled my way through to day 4, I can see that I might eventually be able to do this stuff.

It was a lovely experience meeting up with you in Vegas, even if I did have to dodge that motorised whatsit you drove at high speed(!) through the casino.

Life obviously begins at 440!


February 1, 2010

Thanks so much, Daylynne! I checked out the site and downloaded a few things. I didn’t have too much time to read through them last night, but I will soon.

I can’t wait to get started. I think I had 1 subscriber early on & then they unsubscribed before I could even send an email. ha ha Can’t wait for day 2 of your course. =) I want to get some free giveaways set up as soon as I can. I have made a goal to have 500 subscribers (from zero) by the end of February.

Have a great day! – Heidi

February 2, 2010

Hi Daylynne,
Great getting to know you in Vegas. Got a picture of us up on my blog
I signed up for your newsletter. I’m looking forward to getting it. I know it’s going to be valuable information.

Take care,

February 4, 2010


The course sounds great and I could do with all the free help I can get at the moment as money is in short supply. So could I please have a copy of your course.

Many Thanks

February 4, 2010

Hey Anthony…
Yes, Vegas with Alex Jeffreys seminar and the group that he mentored
was VERY fun as well as a great seminar. You mean my Candy-Apple-Red
run-about that I called my sports car? hehehe Well I wasn’t alone in running down
casino guests, you forgot my partner-in-crime Jacalyn Price from Australia. :-)

About the course, yes of course, one of the side benefits is that you might just
find what you like to produce, and it will set you on the road to your “calling” in

Speaking of being 440, I thought old folks were supposed to have so much time
on their hands, sitting in their rocking chairs and pondering what to do that day.
Oh dear, at that rate, I guess I’ll never even get close to old… Viva Internet! :-)


February 4, 2010

Hi Heidi…
Good goal, but did you remember that February was the short month?
Maybe you could shorten the goal to 47. (lol) Just a joke, never give up your
goals. Giveaways are exciting, I usually rush to look at my stats every morning
to see how many people took my free gift that day. Be positive, the starting is
slow, but keep with it and you will get there.

We had an old saying in development, “The first million is the hardest.” Internet
geek-speak kind of goes… “the first 3,000 on your list is the hardest.” :-)

Believe me, once you get started, the list seems to grow itself, and things DO get
easier, it just eats up more time (lol) Thanks for writing, I honestly appreciate
your comments.


February 4, 2010

Hey Rob…
EEkkkk a candid pic of me? — ugh, I usually need a Hollywood make-up
artist (err genius) to do me first. (lol). Shhh don’t tell, what happens in Vegas you know.

Thanks for your comment Rob, it is great to see in person some of our fellow mentoring
students of Alex Jeffreys.

Thanks for letting me see what you are doing with video, you
have great insight into the coming field of internet marketing, and your new book should
become the “Video Bible” for everyone seriously considering advancing with Video. I
whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone. Its on your blog isnt it?

Thanks for writing… see you later…

February 4, 2010

HI Christine…
We all need help when we start out, and along the way too. It’s
good to have a place or someone to go to for help with those little things we don’t
quite know how to do. It’s called learning. :-)

And you have just helped me, and a lot of other people with your comment here.
I completely forgot to put up the link on the Blog so everyone could get the course.
It’s an E-course, that means you get it lesson-by-lesson in your email box every
second day. So you need to sign up for it. Here’s the link:

I’ll put it up on the blog so others can get it too. I’m sure you will find that
something in it that will show you what you are most comfortable with
making and selling.

February 5, 2010

Hi Daylynne,

Your upcoming course sounds great. Who wouldn’t want to know how to create products within hours?

I do want to receive your course because I need it. Creating products is not exactly my forte.

And I’m even willing to sing to get your course because I actually do enjoy singing.

It was nice to meet you in Vegas and learn some of your wisdom.

I put up a picture of you on my blog and mentioned your being a published author.

I hope you’ll like it.

Take care,

February 7, 2010

HI Vance…
So nice to meet you at Vegas too. I really appreciated your help, and
learning more about you. Thanks for the plug for my book, I was happy to sign
them for Alex’s “graduate” students :-)

Thanks for the mention on your blog too. I didnt put up anything about the seminar
Because I was 3 days without a computer when mine died; then I had a loaner for
about 3-4 days while my Mastermind Whiz-kid support guy custom made one for me. I’m zinging
along now. But still wayyy behind all my work schedule… :-(

Enjoy the course.. come back and see me again….

February 8, 2010

Hi Daylynne,

Great to meet you recently.

Thought I’d drop by to say hello on your blog.
You’ve got some great information here and it
has a really welcoming feel to it.

Looking forward to getting to know you better
in our forthcoming “chat”.

Take care


February 12, 2010

Thanks Jean…
Vegas was a great time. When we say that, others may
think we were there doing what ya do in Vegas, baby. lol But we
were there “working” at our trade… opps that doesn’t sound right
either. I mean we were there to learn more about marketing from
my mentor Alex Jeffreys… there I said it right that time.

Getting to meet and talk to others in marketing really expands your
outlook and and understanding, and helps your marketing knowledge…
besides Vegas is Fun… cha cha cha baby! lol

Looking forward to see your newest marketing plan which will rock
the marketing world, and to add my little part to it :-)

February 27, 2010

Wow! Daylynne,

The course is really great.

I’m new to your blog and information, but the product creation course impresses me more each time I receive your email. I’m really glad to have access to information that you can actually put to use and learn to make money on the Internet with.

Oh by the way thanks for the Coaching Newbies book.

February 27, 2010

Thanks Bill…
Glad you appreciate the course and are doing well with it.
An authors favorite comments :-)
But just wait till you get the bill —LOL

Glad you found the Blog as there are lots of useful hints and helps and freebies.
And, if you have subscribed to my Email list, you will also be getting lots of free
helps and books. Not only that, but you have access to ME :-)
So any questions or problems you may have, just ask me. With the big “Gurus”
that would cost you about $5,000 but I’m free… hummm hope you don think you’ll
only get what you pay for it… lol
Very happy you are enjoying the material…

May 4, 2010

Hi! Daylynne,
I just want to say more strenght to your elbows for a job welldone. The course is very interesting. Iam yet to come up with my own products. With what I learn from the course I hope it’s going to be great. Continue in your good works afterall, that is the reason we are alive(to touch lives positively. Remain blessed.

May 5, 2010

Thank you so much Emmanuel..
What a very nice comment. I hope you find the product you
will like making, and that it will be a great success for you.

When you get one done, I will even feature it on the blog for you.
I hope all the articles and posts are beneficial to you…

May 16, 2010

Hey Daylynne!

I haven’t read the course yet but just signed up for it.
Sounds like it has a lot of really useful stuff for “newer people in marketing” like you said. I definitely fit that category =) (just got my blog up 1 week ago).

Thanks. I’m looking forward to reading the course!

Darren L Carter

May 17, 2010

Gee Darren…
You are almost my favorite pen-pal now LOL
Welcome to the course, I am SURE you will find lots of good stuff in
it and will enjoy it. It has been a run-away success, and to date almost
1000 people have joined it. :-)

I have put the course altogether in a book, and it will be introduced in a
few days to my readers list ONLY, and not available to the public till the
end of the month. Sort of a perk for being one of my readers. There will
be lots of bonuses offered by other marketers too, so be sure to look for it.

Thanks for your support