Friday, February 12th, 2010

What Do YOU Want to See Here?

I’ve been putting some really good articles here on the blog.
But it has all been what I thought you would like to see and learn about.
I’ve been thinking  that perhaps you may have other ideas.

The people who are just finishing the course on How to make your own products have been asked what they would like to see,  and to send me one of the products they made in the course.  The best ones will be featured here on the blog.

I’d like you all to feel that you can submit questions and comments at any time, but I’d like you all to know that if  you have a report or article, you may send that to me too.  We are a community of marketers,  and can all learn many things from each other.

Won’t you  join in and put in your Two Cents Worth too? This is an open invitation.  Please accept and send in some of your ideas and comments.


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February 13, 2010

Hi Daylynne

Your blog has a fabulous look – so that’s the something you could write about – how you achieved it.
Your Ten Products’ course of Product Producing Steps is great – easy to follow and confidence-building. Thank you for taking the time to make this.

Kind regards

February 21, 2010

Hi Daylynne,

Hope you are doing well! So far I have 20 subscribers from my first giveaway event! (OK, so mabye 500 was a bit of a stretch for 1 month, lol)

Anyhow, couple things I’ve been wondering:

When you sign up to a giveaway you create an opt-in for each free ebook, right, because you opt in has to redirect to the download page for that ebook. How do you manage them all? Do you eventually merge them together, or is it normal to have several different lists.

I believe you can use stock photo for free ebooks, since it’s free, but what about products you intend to sell? Where do you find images that you can include?

Thanks! – Heidi

February 21, 2010

Thanks Anthony…
So nice of you to say that. I’m actually thinking of giving the Blog a face-lift.
I’m sort of running out of room, and with all I’m planning on adding, I surely will. :-)
The 10 Products to Make in a Day will soon be available to everyone on my Blog-list, and
visitors will be able to sign up for it here on the Blog too.

I will be adding a feature to showcase the products that people learned to make
in the course. It should be fun to see what everyone comes up with.
Keep tuned in, things are about to get very interesting :-)

February 21, 2010

Hi Heidi…
Thanks for your comment. You know what? I am currently putting the finishing touches
on a book I’m writing on how to improve conversion rates on your list, and you are about the 10th
person just this week to ask me a question about that. Looks like this book will be really necessary.

The problem of lists within the “list” is one that plagues veterans as well as new rookies in marketing.
I’m working with one person now who already has over 80 sub-lists on his account in Aweber responder.
This is fairly common. And — so far as I know, I’m the only one to address this phenomena.

Sub-lists are not something to be shunned, as a fact, they can be an helpful tool. I show how knowing
what the person signed up for in the first place, can give you a profile of what they want and need in their
marketing, then you can send them products to fill those needs. The secret is in using a “coding system” so you can merge them on Broadcast mail outs.

And to your second question, you can do two things for Ebook covers. Get some software that
allows you to make your own, or hire a designer. You can get them made as cheap as $10 to $15, and they will have a nice professional look. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “good enough” is good enough
for a free book cover. You need to make that cover look better than any you do. Reason, you, as well
as your book, are going to be judged by that cover. And remember, you WANT people to take that Free
Book, or you wouldn’t be making it and giving it away. If you’d like, I have a free book cover software I can give you, just ask. You can also find them in Giveaway events sometimes.

Hope all this helps… let me know.. and keep working on that product and let me feature it on the Blog.
Daylynne :-)

May 9, 2010

Thank you Daylynne for such useful info on your blog, you have no idea how much help this is to me. I look forward to your emails too.

I have had a disastrous 2 year start to my Online Marketing Quest. I thought I would beat the learning curve and purchase cheap sites at Auction, and I got carried away, 30 some sites. Then from my lack of knowing how to secure them most of them were hacked at one of my host providers.

I did not have a backup, live and learn, I had no idea how to fix them. I was lucky in that I did not have all my sites at the same hosting. My next move was to clear out and go to a new hosting service thinking they would be more secure.

Lesson learned again, do not go by what you are told in chats alone, I asked for instructions on how to backup my files, which I did. Then I closed out my hosting with the old provider. This also was a bad move, when I went to the new hosting I got an email from support whom I had contacted to help me set up my sites, all of my uploaded zip files did not contain the index_html files for my sites. I went back to the old hosting to ask for help getting the files I needed, but because I had closed out my account a few weeks earlier, they no longer had back ups either.

After a few tears, and lots of feeling sorry for myself, my shear determination kicked in, I have found my Niche and purchased a program to make my own sites. I have made my first few affiliate sales in 2 years through my own sites I created, I could not be happier.

I have also read enough to realize that having your own product is the best way to make much needed money online. So I have had an ebook created in pdf. I am aware of clickbank and feel that is where I want to list it, but I have no idea how to set up to get affiliates and how to implement some of the tasks required by clickbank.

Would you consider doing a post on how, and what is required to get affiliates to sign up to promote your products…in easy, lol to understand language, like you have on your site. I do have a bit of a case of info overload, I try but sometimes I feel I am going in circles.

I would appreciate this if it is not too much to ask? I feel like I should be paying you for all the help I have received reading your posts, and again, thank you Kathy

May 9, 2010

HI Kathy…
I was really sorry to hear of your long series of disasters that often plague
newbies to this game. Without someone to take your hand and give you a leg up — or show
you the right road, it can be full of a lot of bumps.

Your case is exactly the type of thing I am hoping to help people avoid. I have more than a few
gigabytes full of some really helpful stuff that I’m planning on bringing to my readers. :-)

Are you aware that I have a free Email course on making your own products? Its such a run-away
success, that I turned it into a full book, which I am offering to my subscribers this month, I hope it
will also help you.

I just wrote you a personal message, and am offering you a free consultation. I think I may have
some answers for you.

May 13, 2010

Thanks Daylynne,

I have a Mentor!

Your sent me to Alex it was your email that put me in that direction and want to thank you for that.

Look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future just wanted to pop in and say Hi and love your Blog.

I will back and look around more later. I know about the guessing part it is hard to know what to put out there.
The Blog thing is new to me I have had several blogs but never put much effort into before now my views have changed.

Talk Soon,

May 13, 2010

Thanks so much for writing Chris…
What nice comments. I am so glad I could be instrumental in getting you
started with a mentor! Everyone, it seems, needs someone to get them started along the
way in this game, be it a friend or a mentor. It ends the problem of overload and getting
dizzy from all the things that race at you demanding attention.

I have checked your Blog, and its nothing to be ashamed of — fact is it’s very helpful too.
Lots of luck to you with the traffic contest, perhaps you could give my readers some hints
about traffic when you are finished with your contest. :-)

Oh yes, I’m a woman so I never have the problem of having nothing to say — LOL :-)
Come back often — and thanks for telling my readers that they may be missing a lot if they
miss my letters to them :-)

June 20, 2010

Hi Daylynne

I was just browsing your site looking for the Ebook cover graphics software you mentioned on your email training. Am I blind to it? Am I just tired? haha maybe both.

July 5, 2010

HI Pauline…
No, you’re not blind, but my programmer is in hot water — :-)
I believe you wrote me at my email address and I gave you the links.
I have two ebook cover software products. One is a free one, it is pretty good
and will do the job. Programmer tells me it is poorly written, and makes it
a little harder to use.

The other one is a high grade product, and worth more than the small amount for it,
He says its far easier to use, and does a better job. Your choice, why not try the free
one first, and see how it works for you.

For your benefit and the rest of my readers.. heres the links:
Free Ebook cover:
Professional Ebook cover:

Thanks for your comments, and for showing me the missing item on the blog…
PS — I have a new programmer now… lol

January 18, 2011

I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ..*

January 28, 2011

Thanks Avery —
For your nice comment — I strive to give something
of value to all my readers — it nice to hear when I do. :-)
Come again soon