Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

Yesterday is history,   tomorrow is a mystery…
and today is a gift

That’s why they call it the Present!

(a little quote from former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt)

Each of those “days” has much to do with marketing on the net.
If you spend time dwelling on yesterdays,  you can’t get past today.
If you get so involved with today  that you never look to tomorrow…
you will only have today.

What I am saying here,  is that looking to the past,  and dwelling on the
mistakes and bad parts of it,  will hurt  you in many ways more than you
realize.  It will hinder you from looking to a brighter future,  and cause
you days of regret instead of productive days.

In life,  as well as marketing,  looking to the mistakes of the past,  is only
productive in order to avoid doing them again,  or to fix them.

Living for today (only),  as a poet once said, “live for today for
tomorrow we die,”  will do one major thing,  it will MAKE  your
tomorrow’s dead things.

So the best advice is:  Yesterday is only to celebrate the lessons learned
so you can enjoy today and repair any problems from yesterday.

Today we celebrate our “present”  living life to the fullest while
working towards our tomorrows.

And tomorrow,  we work the plan from what we learned and planned
yesterday towards this day,  making this day another Present!

One of the foremost teachings in business and in marketing is to
learn how to plan your business, day by day.  You start with a
goal,  sometimes based on what  you learned  or experienced in
your past.  This is actually using TODAY to ‘fix’ things from the
past to set in motion your future.

OK,  this isn’t all double talk.  In plain everyday wording.  If you
just start out today to figure what you are going to do today, and
hope that will make your future brighter,  it just may not.

Taking a goal,  such as  how much money you want to make next
year;  then forming it into a pattern of plans of how to accomplish
that goal will give you a solid foundation to grow your business.
It will help to over come that over-load and confusion everyday.

It will help you overcome one of the biggest problems for newcomers
to the marketing world — jumping at every offer they see,  and running
after project after project or products and never really accomplishing
that goal that’s in their mind,  but  never planned out.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan!

Have a happy and productive day today,  and enjoy your “present.”


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July 22, 2010

God bless you.

Blog wonderful.

Continued to give Mr

July 25, 2010

Thanks Abdallah…
So nice to have my readers send such nice comments
and compliments. Do continue to keep watch on the blog… I
am planning some really neat things for the month of August…
lots of articles and free products to help you in your marketing
online. :-)