Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Do Sales Funnels Scare You?


Does the idea of putting  up a sales funnel,  scare you into numbness?

Do you freak out with the mere thought of trying to keep the whole process straight?

Well,  take a deep breath and relax,  I have the solution for you.  Let me help relieve your anxiety.
“How can I make some money on the net?  I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work,  what can I do?”

A few months back,  one of my readers came to me with that same old problem all newer people in marketing seem to  have  and a lot of not so new people too.   :-o

You know what my first question was?   How many pages do you have up on the web with your PayPal button on them?

Golly,  simple question,  and simple answer to his question.
If you don’t have a website up with a PayPal or shopping cart
Button on it,  how can you expect to get paid?

My questioning really shook him up though.   Really!  Is that why YOU aren’t making money on line?

It just seems very simple to me,  if you don’t have a way for people to give you the money,  how can you expect to get any?

Further questioning with him,  revealed,  although he had just finished a coaching class with a well known coach,  he simply could not figure out how to put up the sales process pages,  in other words,  the “Sales Funnel.”

Then I thought back to my early days, and the ultimate mystery of “THE Sales Funnel.”  If you are technically challenged, as I am,  the mystery of ‘what’ was far out weighed  by the further greater mystery of HOW.

Well,  that’s not a problem,  just outsource it.  I had a very good techy guy,  but  marketing was a mystery to him,  so I had the not-so-simple monumental task of  ‘teaching him’  how the sales funnel worked so he could put the pages together in the  proper order that were needed.

OK!  Stop laughing now,  this is really serious    :-)

I am wayyy too embarrassed to tell you how much communication was needed before I could really explain it all to him.

And that is the entire problem.  In an effort to help you… so you can either do it yourself,  or hire it done, and explain how it needs to be,  I started to write this huge volume of material.
It was so complicated  I couldn’t understand it myself.   (lol)

It just seems so simple when you see it finished:
Your traffic sends people to your Opt-in (Squeeze)  page, where you ask them to sign up for your list,  or bribe them with a free gift of some sort.

OR, you use that bribe to get them to read your sales page, where you offer a product for sale.  If they like what they see on that page,  they hit the PayPal Button… OR… if they don’t need it or want it,  they click on the link saying,  “No, thanks just give me the freebie”,  which then goes to the download for the free gift.    And TA Daaa  its done.    NOT!  (lol)

When I told that to my techy guy,  he had to gum up the whole works with,  “but where does the auto-responder come in?”
“Well –ahhh…  I’ll get back to you on that part!”   (lol)    But before I could get away from him,  he added,  “do I need to put up two download pages or just one,  and oh  yeah,  I’ll also need the Paypal button code.”

Code? I thought,  they don’t have to put it in code on my account,  I don’t know what it means in plain English      :-)

So,  if you’re absolutely sure they put this stuff in code so there would be no way for you to ever understand it all… then I have some really good news for you.   No,  not my monumental E-book,  but a really nice series of videos,  that carefully and gently explain it to you as they show you step-by-step how to do each phase of the process – or so you can explain it to your techy    :-)

Fact is,  its so simple,  even un-technical me could do it!  If this phase of marketing  has been  holding you back, think of all you can accomplish  and all the pages  you can put up –Yourself – with this knowledge.   Here’s a link to the page that explains it all:


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12 Responses

July 19, 2010

Hi Daylynne

Nice post again.

You know, I hadn’t thought about it in terms of a paypal button….but hey that’s real! I need to go away and count mine….

Good luck


July 20, 2010

Hi Joe…
Counting your PayPal buttons… :-)
You need a sales funnel to go with each one of them? (smile)
So glad you are getting value from my Blog, I try to make the
posts not only interesting but informative as well. thanks for
letting me know I’m on the right track.

Always appreciate hearing from you…

July 25, 2010

I think that is the most common mistake I see (or have made).
Get a marvelous site up and absolutely refuse to explain the product offering or have no way to get it. I tell my clients often to make their product line visible and have a price attached. Most people are turned off by a “sign up and a salesperson will call” business model. In my main field, lots of the competition cannot put up a price because they are afraid of price shoppers. I just say let them know what you are doing, why you are a better choice and price then post. I like to be up-front on the bundles so it is easy to price-shop, then come back to me for the great service.

Thanks for the great post Daylynne!


July 25, 2010

Nice comment Wolf… thanks so much
If you’ve seen my bio, you’ll remember I was in the housing market.
One of the first things I learned in that is: “If you want to sell something (like a house)–
Make It EASY to Buy!” It works in about every thing that’s in the market. Even the
Auto Industry found that out years ago and started putting those big stickers on
the windows of new (and used) cars.

So it makes me wonder why online marketing people are trying to hide their prices.
I’ve seen several SALES PAGES where I had to actually hunt for the price! They have
taken to putting it in small print in the middle of paragraphs. Think that’s a test to see
if we’re reading their copy? I think they should take a look at their conversions

Especially when the whole idea of long sales pages is to create value for their product.

Thanks for an interesting new thread in this subject.

August 9, 2010

An amusing look at a serious problem!

Yep, this has held me back too. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get my first squeeze page up for goodness sakes! The technical stuff stumps me at every turn but the feeling of triumph when something works is worth the pain, or is it? LOL!

You’re absolutely right, no payment button, no payment. And the more the merrier!

Thanks for the post and the link,


August 9, 2010

Hey Lesley –Wes-
I was in that same boat… had no idea in the world not only how to put up a sales funnel, but that they needed to even be made. Its a basic thing you have to learn if you are to be
successful online.

I learned how with a program similar to the one I offered to everyone… it changed my online
life. Now I’m so successful I hire someone else to do it for me… lol I hope learning how to do it will change your life for the better too, that’s why I put it on the blog. :-)

August 12, 2010

Hi Daylynne

Great graphics and yes a sales funnel is very important. So many people do not realize it’s importance but you have described it very well.

A little about me – My name is Sue McDonald and I am a student of Mark Terrell and I am actually going through the course a second time – by invitation. I love it and know if I do all he says, I will be successful. I am Australian but the US is my second home as I have family there and visit quite often. This is why I started Internet Marketing so I can travel whenever I want and have the money to do what I want.

Well I hope you are doing well and you become very successful. I would love you to come visit my blog and leave a comment.

Kind regards


Hey Daylynne

I have just come for a visit to your site. How are you going?

Yes it is Mark and I am following my students as they post on other peoples blogs. They don’t know that I am always checking to see they are getting results. I am passionate about helping them achieve and then they are able to make some money online exactly the same as I am doing. It is not really difficult as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

Keep up the good work.



August 20, 2010

HI Sue,
thanks for you comments, and a little of your bio.
Keep plugging away at marketing and you will be successful, not only
financially, but in knowing you have achieved your goals. Keep setting those
goals and then celebrate your success each day as you reach goal after goal. :-)
I’d be happy to visit your Blog but you didn’t leave the URL. lol
I hope you come back to my blog often and leave a note when you come.

August 20, 2010

Hey Mark…
Thanks for stopping by… and bringing along some of your students…
I hear your coaching classes are going great guns. I’d like to offer you and
your students a little help.
I am offering any of my readers an opportunity to come and submit a post to me
for my Blog. I will judge its relevance, style and content for the Blog, and will
publish it here as a guest Post.
As you know, this blog is extremely popular, with very high stats, so it will be
helpful for your students, and will give them a back link too. Spread the word, and
perhaps you could make a little contest of it for them. :-)
Drop me an Email, and we can discuss it.

September 24, 2010

Hi Daylynne,

I love coming over to this blog.

You’ve got some great information, written REALLY well and the pictures are just brilliant.

It’s no wonder you keep winning all those awards!

I’m still mulling over all that information you gave me the other day. Wonderful ideas – thanks!

Take care and good luck with your new project.


September 27, 2010

Awww Jean
You always say the nicest things. I’m so glad you like my Blog, and if you
think this one is good, wait till the new ones are up — should be this coming week. I am
really excited about them and I am sure everyone will love them too.

One is all about list building.. and only that. That sounds exciting enough, and there are
so many great posts and articles and reports and books and courses on it, it should be fun
and informative for everyone.

Glad you liked my suggestions for your wonderful interviews… :-)
Come back often, and tell us who the latest great Internet people you have on your interview
list, I’m sure my readers would be interested in them too.