Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Everything List Building —

List building is probably the most single important part of internet marketing.  It is definitely the most sought after material.

Everyone wants to know the fastest way,  the best way,  the easiest way,  the automated way and the laziest way.

The reason for all that?  You already know,  because -  “The Money is in the List.”

Oh don’t groan,  it really is you know!  But there is more to list building than you may realize.  And thus,  more to making money with that list than is seen on the surface,  or told.

Just having a big list is NOT going to bring you bushels of money!  You have to honestly work at that list,  almost constantly,  to make that money.  Not only that,  but constantly be adding more targeted people to that list.

Naturally,  there are literally dozens and dozens of ways to do these things,  and some real  secrets that some of the “big guys” hold back for their own ‘in-crowd.’

I was going to start dishing out all these big and small ways to build your lists, and to monetize your list,  and how to manage that list,  piece by piece here on the blog.   I realized that was way too much material for a single blog.

So I have started a new site,  actually there will be three sites dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about that list,  and building it to bigger proportions,  having the relationship,  and monetizing it to your goals.

What else,  it’s going to be fun to do too.  So,  now that I have you all excited about it,  I’m going to tell you that it will be another week or so before I’m ready to open the flood gates and let you all know the where abouts of the the sites.    :-)

Just to whet your appetite, one of the first  posts is:  “List Building Tools for Faster List Growth.”  To be followed by  “The Money IS In the List…Really!”

Watch for my announcement,  and NO,  I won’t tell you in advance   :-)

Plus there’s a free report,  “10 Critical List Building Mistakes.”

See you all next week

Daylynne  :-)

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September 30, 2010

Hi Daylynne

Just revisiting your site and pleased to see you have started blogging again. and from the look of this you mean business. Go Girl! You have visited my blog once before so come back again.

Like to let you know I have finished my course with Mark Terrell and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking forward to a break but instead it looks like I have to put my new found skills to use and launch a physical product in the next four weeks.

So I hope all is going well for you and you are achieving what you set out to do.

To your continued success


October 2, 2010

OK Sue,
You will have to give me your address again so I can send you that bribe money :-)
Thank you so much for your great comments of support.

Yes, it was a while that I was absent from adding posts here. My real excuse is that
I was working on a major launch, which is very exciting, and very time consuming.
Unfortunately, it had to be postponed due to a major family emergency of the product’s owner.

Right now, I am really all geared up to announce my new plans for this site and FOUR new
sites going up that will bring some great news, teachings, products, and courses to my readers.
So stay tuned.

And by the way… that product you have to create… great project, everyone should have to do that.
I believe in that so much that’s why I wrote that little course you see on the side bar —
“Ten Products You can Make in A Day” its also available in PDF form instead of the free email
course. Have a look at it, I’m sure it will help you a lot.

You and your class mates are all coming along so well, Kudos to Mark Terrell for his great
job of teaching you all. Keep plugging away and pretty soon you will know what success it
too. :-)

October 26, 2010

Your post is very informative and idea of promoting a product or service by creating a service around it is great.
Thanks for telling us about multiple profit websites and you are also offering to support it. It is fantastic offer and I beleive it is worth considering.
I will definitely check it out.
Take care

October 26, 2010

Great blog post – some great wisdom – it goes without saying that its important to offer the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT audience, thats what marketing is all about.
…And in this blog post you appear to describe this well

October 27, 2010

Thanks Robbin for your comment…

It seems that more and more people are picking up on that idea
of putting and using products together…
Stay tuned… more of that to come and even some step-by-step
guides to show how to do it. :-)

I appreciate your comments and bringing it to others attention too.

October 27, 2010

Hi Reisetreff,
Thanks for that informative comment. Well marketing is also
about finding the RIGHT product for the MOST people — ALL the
time. Or at least that’s all of our dreams on the internet anyway. ;-)

Come back and see me often, and take a look at the new sites
proudly giving their locations on the navigation bar on the right of the
home page.
Thanks again

November 11, 2010

Hi Daylynne,

I agree with you that list building is one of the most important part of internet marketing. This would be a collection of contact information, mostly by the form of e-mail and this is designed for future sales pitches at a later date.

Hope to read more from you… Thanks for sharing your thoughts..

November 14, 2010

HI Justin
Thanks for your nice comment.
I will be adding more content here about list building, but also on my
NEW LIST BUILDING BLOG: http://List-Explosion.com

A whole web-site blog dedicated to just things about list building…
come and visit, get a freebie or 3 or more, and learn some new secrets
and tactics. :-)