Saturday, July 18th, 2009

News from the Hinterlands… (Free Schwag Alert!)

free_stuffHi Everyone….

Some great news this time. If you’ll notice,  you can now see the many great comments that I’ve been receiving on the Blog here.

Some of the students with me in our new Mentoring Class with well known Marketing Guru from Britain, Alex Jefferies, are known as the Dream Team. Our members are doing just GREAT things already, shows how quickly one can progress in a Mentoring Program. We are all excited and revved up raring to go! I invite you to visit their sites,  and watch our progress as we go from puny weak guys to Super Marketers.  ( I think we get our Red Capes this week…   LOL). Links to their Blogs will be on the side navigation bar  (hopefully by tomorrow). Be sure to visit them for some really great information and very interesting content.

Next:  as a student, I have prevailed upon Alex Jefferies to let me give you… thats GIVE you (meaning like Free)… his 40 page Ebook on how to build your list…quickly!  A link to there should also be up in another day or two. Be sure to watch for it!  You’ll be as excited as we are with how great it is,  don’t miss it,  its a going to be Super help for you!

Whew,  as if that wasn’t all the news and great things to come enough!  But there’s more!  I will be starting a new series of articles on what it takes to start  your Internet Business from scratch to completion,  and how working with a Mentor will help smooth the road.  Be sure not to miss that.

More in the next few days,  really exciting and very busy days for me right now…  Thanks for stopping by…

Daylynne   :-)

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July 19, 2009

Hello Daylynnes

I am visiting to say hello and introduce myself as your fellow mentees in Alex’ coaching program.

My name is Nona from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve seen your comments in the student’s forum, so I thought I should go and visit your home site.

I am so glad to be part of this program and learn more about IM, and get to know the people whom I would be working with.

You have a lovely homesite Daylynnes, keep up the good and talk to you again, cheers!


July 22, 2009

Great post Daylynne!

The journey alex is taking us on is just awesome, I’m sure great things will happen for ALL of us.

Keep up the great work!

Take care


July 22, 2009

Hi fellow student

I like the neat look of your blog – their all so different I just cant decide on a theme to give mine a makeover with. This course has come at a very good time for myself and a lot of others I’m sure

Take care

July 22, 2009

Hi DayLynne,

I like your blog theme – different!
You also have a very nice way of putting words together :o). Some fascinating posts to come I suspect.

Dave Whittle (another Alex student)

July 23, 2009

Hi Daylynne

Yes I believe that this class is “The Dream Team” I am amazed at the raw talent that has shown up in this class of students. The network that is being built will be a huge benifit everyone.

Do not forget to sign up at the social site

Thomas Northrop

July 23, 2009

Hi Daylynne, (not easy to pronounce for a brit!)

Thought I would drop by as I was listening to Mod 3 in the car this morning and heard you on the Q and A….

Reading this post confirms you have a great writing style…love it! I can tell your pretty damn excited right now?!

I’ll keep in touch with you here and in the forum.

Take care


July 23, 2009

Hi Daylynne,

You definitely can’t go wrong with a mentor like Alex Jeffreys. Very interesting icons over on the right. Keep up the god work.


July 25, 2009

Thanks for your comments Bob…
I am really having fun in the forum, I try to keep everyone smiling.
I’m following Alex’s advice, and making sure that we all enjoy our adventures
with him and marketing.
Thanks for the compliments on my site, but this isn’t my main site, which is
still in construction, and this site is being over-hauled too. Putting up my
personal header and making the nav bar a little more user friendly.
I’ll try and drop by everyones site who left comments this week.

July 25, 2009

Awww Sean,
You are so sweet. And yes, I am really enjoying this. Alex is remarkable!
I am so flattered that he likes my writing…. BUT… hes kind of like the professor
who said to his music student: “Your taste in music is most excellent, it exactly
coincides with my own” (lol) Really, we have the same or similar styles, and
he is trying to get everyone to see that writing about their own experiences is
the best to build relationships with our customers. And it doesn’t work too badly
with fellow students either :-)
My best to you Sean…
Your comments are most appreciated…
my best…Days

July 25, 2009

OH my Goodness Tom,
I didn’t know we had a social site… I’ll be sure to be there.
You’re right about the Dream Team, when I saw what Alex has planned for us,
it sent shivers up my spine! and honestly, I don’t think half the class really
understood the scope of it, we are in for one heck of a ride with him… Viva Alex…
Bring it on………..
see you there…

July 25, 2009

Yes Thank you Dave…
Take a gander at today’s post… like Alex’s last bomb shell to us, you’ll enjoy it.
And the theme for my Blog was done by my 16 year old protegee, he wanted my blog
not to look so plain. He came on line cuz his folks had to stop his allowance due to the
economy, so he thought he could make it up here… fact is he told his dad not to worry
that he’d make a lot of money online! And the little snot made $150 his first week!
Humm maybe we should take lessons from him! :-)
See you in the forum… and Vegas

July 25, 2009

HI Pete,
Yes, WordPress offers lots of themes, but they can come from other
sources too, so the world is your source… now that’s really a lot to have to choose
from… lol As you can see by the comments above yours, that I’m in the process of
changing the theme and looks of this blog.
I hope you are as excited about what Alex is doing with us as I am.
Keep in touch, we will all have lots to share with each other very soon.

July 25, 2009

Thanks Paul,
Whats so exciting about this, is that Alex takes a personal interest
in each of us. That is Awesome! I know (few if) none of the other Gurus do that.
We sure hit the Jackpot with Alex… Speaking of Jackpots… see you in Vegas
for our “graduation” :-)

July 25, 2009

Thank you so much Nona…
I’m inviting you to make more posts in the forum… the ladies seem to
be a little shy about putting in their thoughts, be heard. The comments you get
back will help you too, by seeing how the others receive you. That feedback
will show you how your customers will react to you too.
Read my post today… and see you in the forum… I’m making an offer in the JVs
section …
All my best….

July 26, 2009


Mark here, a fellow student on Alex Jeffreys course.

Nice looking blog, also great tips and advice for any newbie wanting to make money online.

If you get a moment take a look at my first welcome video on my blog and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Keep in touch.

Mark Terrell

August 1, 2009

Hi Daylynne!

Finally, I got to visit your blog and read some of your writing – just like Alex said, you have a gift. And, you’re a published writer!

I think writing is one of the best talents that you can have for building a blog, and an ezine for that matter. And the web, seems to be build all around words.

Good luck with your blog it’s coming along beautifully, I’ll be back to visit soon, and I will see you on Facebook!

Take care,

September 1, 2009

Hi Daylynne,

I like the set up of your blog and the well chosen pictures. I may import some ideas from you. But writing is where it’s at isn’t it?

Somebody mentioned that you’re a published writer. I hope that you’ll mention it in your future posts. Maybe you already have but this is my first visit here.

One thing I also want to ask you is the meaning of “Schwag”. It must be a slang or a foreign word which I’m not familiar with. It sounds German or Yiddish. I will consult my German dictionary but maybe for the benefit of others who may be also unfamiliar with the term I hope that you can clarify it.

I’ll come for a visit again.

September 2, 2009

Hey Vance…
Welcome to my blog, I really hope you do come back and often…
as it is just about to get really good. I’m going to be asking for contributors,
and what people want to see mostly. And lots of interactive action. Come and be a part
of it. It’ll be fun.

Well, my programmer tells me that “Schwag” is a word similar to what the ‘younger set’ use like the bomb,
or boss… something thats really great and also cost free. Hum, think that makes you and I the ‘older set’? :-)

Yes, I am a published writer, by that its usually (now-a-days) meant to be a real paper book, and in
the Library of Congress. I’ve had 4 non-fiction books published, only one meant for public use.
I will have a cover pic on the Blog soon, it’s currently available at Amazon, its been out of print for a while.

And Vance, if you wonder about some of the posts in the forum about me, you might look further down the
page here in my blog… that starts with “You’re now dealing with a “WHO.”
But please take a look at the rest of the series on Life’s a Journey, as I compare how our lives have made
us what we are today, and how it compares to being a marketer.

Thanks for your interest Vance…
Daylynne :-)