Monday, March 28th, 2011

Getting those first names on your list

15 ways to Start Your Own Mailing ListOne of the worse things about being a “Newbie”  is learning  where to start!  Thousands of new words and phrases to learn,  maybe a couple zillion products to learn how they work.

Endless Emails of how to do this or that…  what’s a poor Newbie to do?

Then, on top of all that  –  “they” keep pounding at you that you  have to build a list!  List Building – List Building  — soon that’s all you hear.   You can’t make money without a list,  Build Your List!  Build Your List!

The whole thing is frustrating enough without being hammered about a list!  Well the REAL  problem is – how do you build a list without having a list to build from?

Really –  almost every way to build a list – isn’t – they are mostly ways to ADD to your list,  but not how to start it!

If this is where you are at,  or you are trying to help someone without a list to get started,  then I have a great answer for you.

My newest Little Gems Mini Book  gives 15 ways to start a mailing list using  (mostly)  free methods.   How about some of these:

**  Getting friends and family to help get some of those new names.  I tell you how.

** Using Social Media..  it’s not as complicated as you may think.

**  Using safe lists.

**  Writing articles

**  Chatting in Forums

**  Using Ezines

**  and even advertising.

These are just a few of the things possible,  and  - – Hey you “old timers”  there may even be a few things that could help you along the way too.

So grab a copy of the mini book …Right there, next to this post,  and Enjoy!  Oh yes..  did I tell you it was free?

Your Marketing Pal,
Marketing Pal

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5 Responses


I ran down your list, waiting on your book to download, and agree with what you came up with so far.
Another method Id throw in there would be commenting on blogs which if you think about it could be a cousin or something to hanging in the forums!
My .02 cents ;)

May 24, 2011

Hi Daylynne, I agree,getting to the list stage can come from so many avenues. I have started writing articles and visiting blogs and am slowly getting up to speed. Im impressed you have an ebook already! What doe you mostly use? thanks Orla

May 30, 2011

Daylynne, thanks for great content. In your ebook, “Ten Great Simple Products You Can Make in a Day”, you mention to come to your blog to get free ecover software to make ecovers for ebooks. I can’t find it. Could you please direct me to it?

October 21, 2011
Leonard Evenson

Hi, I hope your book will help my friend who is right now at the point where he has to start building a list. I found your page and recommended it to him. We are hoping it will work out for him. Leonard

October 27, 2011

Hi Lady Starr,
All I want to say you are a STAR.
thank you