Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Life’s a Journey

life_is_a_journeyI know you’ve all heard that expression before,  but I want to add something to it.  It can also be an adventure!

A few years back,  some friends and I decided to stop taking vacations,  trips, or day-tours or get-away-weekends.  They all got dull and boring.  Instead,  I suggested that we go on an adventure!  An Adventure?  they all yelled in unison.  How about this,  from now on,  we will take adventures.

Not off to safari in Africa,  but how about some adventures right here at home?…  I live in Washington state in the USA.  In case  you’re not familiar with that,  I live on the western part of the state,  with  the Olympic mountain  range on one side of me and the Pacific Ocean on the other side.  Plus water all around us,  and British Columbia Canada on our northern border.  The  whole area is the most wonderful place, majestic and green and scenery to knock your socks off.

I suggested we go to the San Juan Islands (less than a 2 hour drive) and take a boat and go and see the whales!  29 huge pods of whales make that area their home.   That was our first adventure,  and more than we bargained for happened to us.  It was exciting for us,  and we returned home,  alive and full of the love of life,  it changed all of us.  After that it was always an adventure.

Life should be an adventure for us everyday.  There is so much around us that we “don’t see,”  we have gotten complacent and not noticing the wonder that’s around us everyday.  Our lives are routine, without newness and fun.  Pretty soon,  life is dull and boring.  My friends and I decided we weren’t ready for that,  and made a pact to see everyday as a new adventure.

Looking forward to each day in anticipation of the wonderful things that would happen to us that day (and the following ones).  All of our lives and attitudes changed that day.   Our lives changed.  We were alive and vibrant.

So,  when I started marketing online,  I  brought that spirit of adventure along with me.  This was going to be another one of those marvelous opportunities to have life open up for me.

The first months were lots of fun,  trying to learn the language first.  Reading and studying,  I brought with me the experience of being a high-powered executive,  so I didn’t need to learn the business part of marketing,  but the rest was sure an adventure.

I learned the equivalent of a MBA degree in marketing those first months.  And pretty much the same way.  Attend a class lecture,  go home and study that and a book,  by myself,  without help or any personal contact.  In this case from a very impersonal robot (or computer program),  and pretty soon the magic of the adventure of it was getting hard to keep.

Because I kept looking for it,  pretty soon things started to change.   New opportunities I never thought possible were suddenly popping up.  Then, one day,  a person I trusted sent me an invitation.  He wanted me to check out an invitation from Alex Jeffreys  to join his Mentoring Program.

I didn’t know at the time,  that this would be an adventurous journey with him.  This young man loves life,  he loves what he does,  he is sheer genius, and his love of marketing is contagious and very exciting.

In the days and weeks to come,  I am going to take you along with me on this adventure with him.  I will share with you,  some of the things we are learning,  and the actual fun our class is having doing it.  If there wasn’t that pot of gold at the end of this rainbow,  the ride itself  would be worth it.

Watch for me in a few days,  be good and love life…

Daylynne Starr

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7 Responses

July 29, 2009

Hello Daylynne,

What a great post and such a true message you get across. People do get so caught up in their lives and I think they just plain forget to spend time enjoying the real qualities of life. You have a great attitude towards life, great to see :-)


July 30, 2009

Hey Daylynne:

can’t wait to see more about that “journey” of yours. hope there’ll be some pictures, too :)


July 31, 2009

Hi Daylynne,
Interesting post you put up. You know we are looking at things in different ways, what is more we all look for different things out of life. I guess everything is relative!! You are quite correct with what you say about Alex though – what a guy. To say he has turned my life around would be an understatement!
All the best.

Regards Steve.

August 1, 2009

Thanks Steve,
For your comment. I think I meant, that no matter what we look for in life,
it should be a fresh, exciting, invigorating and an interesting experience. That many
of us, just don’t look for those things. And OH My, don’t get me started about
Alex Jeffreys, I’m saving all those wonderful things to say about him in the next
book I write. :-)
Glad you are embracing life, and enjoying this new experience.
Be sure to watch for my next chapter in our adventure together.

August 1, 2009

Hey Thomas,
Well, pictures might be fine, but I’m worried about the
video part.
Going to have to get up early, get my make-up on, my hair styled, and my
best top on, just to go to the computer. Right now, My puter doesn’t care
what I look like… especially in the mornings (Thank Goodness for that). lol

Come back after this Monday, my new theme and comments will be up by then.
You have your ticket to join my marketing journey… some surprises in store for

August 1, 2009

Hey Paul…
Thanks for your comment. If you return, I will continue this
story of my marketing journey, with lots of good things in it.

My mentor, Alex Jeffreys, is an amazing genius of a young man.
I anticipate lots of great things from him, and to me, as I follow
along with his intuitive systems. Be sure to come back, I’m sure
you will enjoy the trip with me…..


August 4, 2009

Hi Daylynne,

Very interesting post,I enjoyed reading it very much and look forward to reading a lot more of your work when Alex’s course is over.

Cheers Derek