Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The Worlds First Interaction Giveaway Event

Imagine: an event where everyone can win top prizes, where the person with a starter list has a chance at the big prizes too.

Imagine: An event where you can actually talk to the other members of the event – at the event –exchange ideas and share.

Imagine: An event where you can ask any question about marketing and have it answered in a Webinar setting by some of the worlds top marketing people (not a pitch fest).

Imagine: An event where we play games for fun and prizes! Unheard of! We laugh all the way through.

Imagine: Being on the bottom of the leader board and walking away with the days top prize.

Imagine: Playing games on FaceBook and chatting and having a fun fest there too. And win prizes too.

Imagine: Prizes of all kinds: mail outs; gift cards; cash;
And a host position; and the gem of our awards –
“The Product Showcase”
Top marketers prize products given as prizes. . where you can see them and learn about them too.

Imagine: Having everything you go to an event for, plus having all these things too! And having the event with large numbers of people in it.

Now – Don’t Imagine—but go and see the real thing!

Super Heroes of Internet Marketing Colossal Giveaway

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Brought to you by Super Heroes:

Wonder Woman  — Daylynne Starr
Captain Marvel –   Charles Mutrie
Iron Man             –   Jayson Benoit
SuperMan           –   Wayne Dobson


Why a new event?

I am excited to bring about the first major change to Giveaways since they started. This was my vision about this event:

Giveaway events are great things. You get to give a gift, as a Joint Venture Partner, and people come and give you their name and email address and take your gift.

You get to add to your mailing list, and others get to see an array of gifts and products to help them in their online business. Everyone wins. So why fix it if “it aint broke?”

Well it may not be broke, but it just was never finished.

In an effort to make changes to the event, promoters have effectively started “the race to the top” event. Huge prizes for the top three JVs who bring in the most referrals to the event.

These are really fun and terribly exciting for the top three, who come away with huge cash prizes (last one was $1,000) and mail outs to huge numbers – like a million.. and a host position in the next event. Wow! What a great event — for that ONE person!

Meanwhile the other 17,000 people who made up the event get some new additions to their lists, or some really neat new products. But why shouldn’t they get some prizes too? Why shouldn’t they be eligible for some kind of special offer or something special?

Each event hundreds of JVs join up, and when the site “goes live” when it opens for members, suddenly about 2/3rds of those are purged out of the event due to lack of completing their commitment. They either have not promoted the event and brought in at least one person or they haven’t listed their gift.

When I started to think of a way to keep those people who came to the event with the idea of getting some new people on their list, and possibly getting a few gifts too, the answers were varied.

The main reason was usually inaction on their part; they forgot to put in a gift, or to send to their list to get in other JV members.

But the second reason was the culprit that I looked at to try to change that picture. It was lack of interest or understanding of what the event was meant to be.

Why lack of interest? I think the smaller list people took a look at the leaderboard and just simply gave up. What chance does someone with a list of under 500 for example have against someone with lists ranging upwards over 50,000?

From the view point of that person looking up, this was an impossible event. Why stay when all the emphasis was on bringing in numbers and the race to see who could bring in the most? Its the old WIIFM (what’s in it for me) syndrome.

As marketing people the WIIFM syndrome is the one we are faced with and challenged with daily. So, I thought, why not answer that with our own people and the Giveway events?

This event I am presenting to us now, as marketing people, is my answer. So I looked to create something for the newer or small marketer. While I’d like to take all the credit for the events planned for this event, all of my team in this event had a hand in creating programs in the site.

First was to give to the smaller list people what they came for, some additions to their lists, so we created the “Mini Mail Out.” It won like a lottery ticket, a drawing everyone can win; but we limit different sizes of the prize to different groups of people.

Next was to make the event FUN! So we invented some games to play.. for prizes and for the fun of it.

Then came some education, a way for them to ask any question and have it answered by some top successful marketing people. And two features were born; a chat room where they could speak directly to the top guys, and the webinar, where the answers were more structured and a video replay where they could take home the answers and replay them to put them into practice.

Then the rest of the new features were pure fun and
Helping everyone. Prizes for lower people on the leader board; lots of drawings and prizes anyone could win.
A Facebook event for chatting and just plain fun, and a way to win some prizes.

Then, one of the parts I like, is the Product Showcase.
We asked some top marketers to give us one of their products we can use as prizes. Yes, it’s a great promotional idea, but also these big ticket items are something that smaller or newer people may not see any other way, or have a chance to get any other way.

It also gives the owners a chance for all who come to the event to see their newer or best selling products. Another win-win-win.

That covers my reasoning for all the improvements in our “new” Giveaway Event. If you can think of any more to add, I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, I expect to see you on the leader board, even if you’re 5th from the bottom, you’ll be eligible for a prize.

Now, I want to ask you for your comments here.
And as I’m taking about all the prizes, leave a comment and everyone leaving one will receive one of my books on getting the most out of Giveaway Events; and the best one will get one of the product prizes; my phone consultation on getting started or any problem you have in marketing.

Thanks to all my dedicated readers – if you are one of them and have never joined my mailing list, I want to ask you to join now, simply click on any of those free books on the right hand side  over there.

Daylynne Starr

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6 Responses

April 8, 2012

Hi Daylynne

This concept, this event, what can I say except WOW! This is going to rock.

Anyone reading about this and still “sitting on the fence” thinking about joining – just do it! I strongly suggest that everyone grabs the upgrade as well – with the amount of traffic this things going to get you what every opportunity you can get!

Daylynne, accept my thanks in advance for what is going to be an awesome giveaway event. I joined and upgraded becuase this is going to be huge!

Best regards and thanks
Ian Knabel

April 28, 2012

Hello Wonder Woman!
I’m so excited about this I almost peed my pants! I tweeted about this and Facebook, plus shared it with all my Google + friends! Honestly I wanted to keep it to myself BUT decided that would be selfish and bad Karma! Tomorrow I will share it on my blogs (yes I have more than one, and I run a women’s forum too).
Thank You and all your super hero friends for doing this!

November 16, 2012

HI Natalie..
Sorry to be a few months late.. (smile) your comments so well
appreciated. I was laid low with a serious illness and couldnt do
much — but Wonder Woman rides again.. see my new Facebook page
Come and join me, and a few thousand others, as we learn some great
List Building Tricks.. I would love to have you and your great energy.

PS, Super Heroes was a big success, and we will be doing another part 2
“Super Starrs” very soon… love to have ya.

November 16, 2012

Thanks Ian..
Great to know my pals like what I am doing too…
Super Heroes is still being its on success on Skype, and all
are using the channel room to find and give swaps and solos,
and announcements of new things, PLUS a lot of teachings and
helps.. I hope you joined the Skype room.. if now PM me and
youre in.

Sorry this is so late, as you can see by my comments.. I was
very ill.. but Wonder Woman is doing it again this time on Facebook
come and see whats happening there with List Building Tricks and
Thanks for your comments..

June 21, 2015

I’ll take care of it.

September 13, 2015

Thanks Rune for your many comments… all very
much appreciated. You will love the next posts I will
be making as will all my friends and blog fans…
Next comes the fun of shopping online.. :- )
and as always willing to help any newcomers to wanting to learn
how to work at home online..