Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Are You as Successful as you should be?

Are You as Successful as you should be?

Are You  as Successful as you WANT to be?


Whats holding you back?


That IS the question isn’t it?  Why aren’t  you successful?  Or not quite as successful in this business as you think you should be or want to be?


About 4 to 5 years ago I asked myself this same question!  I expected and worked hard towards my goals and although I was “doing alright” for my time in Internet Marketing online,

I wasn’t smashing any records in the money department.

Nor was my name a “household name,”   fact is,  I was barely known except by a few friends online.


So, I did what any good businessman (or in this case woman)  should do,   take stock of what I had been doing what was working and what wasn’t and why.


Right  now,  if you are at this point of your business online.. you should do the same thing,  stop and analyze why you aren’t doing what  you should be.

Well,  in my case,  heres what happened.  I had been a top successful woman in one of the hardest and most competitive businesses,  real estate developing and building.  Why was I so successful as to win over a male dominated world,  and win awards for doing so?


My answer I knew, it was easy I was a woman!  I think like a woman!  And I know how to smile at a man  (tee hee).  Women are like this,  if we want to go to the mall shopping,  we check our purses,  make sure we  have our credit cards, check book and some cash and then we get ready and go.


Men don’t do that!  They just see if they have their wallets (sometimes) and then run and jump in the car.  Well,  that’s what they were doing in development.. not checking to see if they had enough money to do the job, then failing when they couldn’t finance it..  My reasoning was that before I spent  (and/or borrowed)  hundreds of thousands of dollars,  I had better see if I had the money (financing) for the project.


That one insight and smart thinking and planning make me beat out all the competition hands down!


What does that have to do with what you and I are doing here online?  Everything!


Money and financing was our product,  it was what we built with.   The same here with the product we are selling.  In other words,  money was the product we were selling.   In this new  online stuff,  I simply substituted  a product with new strategy for the financing,  and I had my solution!


Up to this time, I was probably where  you are now.. just getting along.


How about YOU?  Are you just getting along?


Want to do better?


Want to be successful in what you are doing – or just start making money any way you can?


Are  you even working in the right field?  Is what  you are doing now going to “make it Big one of these days?”   Or are you going in the wrong direction?


Perhaps what you need is someone whos “been around the block” to take you by the hand and give  you some good  honest advice,  help and direction.


In a short time I will be opening up a one-on-one coaching program for  learning some new insights in List Building and  Email  Management.   It will include insights to success as us  “Big Dogs” do list building,  and how to build a list of quality that is responsive.   Included in it will be an event that will get you 500 new quality subscribers, and more.


So for the next few weeks as I am working on that program,  I am going to offer you a chance to have a one-on-one consultation with me to help you find why you aren’t successful as you should be right now!


I am offering a full one hour consultation on the phone or on Skype (voice)  a regular $300 session for only $50.  And if you want to enlist in the list building coaching afterwards,  I will consider the 50 bucks as part of your payment for that.


This consult is NOT a webinar!  It is not a planned and “one-size fits all” memorized  recording.  It is me speaking personally to YOU,  about YOUR business,  offering you tried and successful solutions.


Leave a comment  or write me at

Subject line:  “I want Success”    Price offer only good till Dec 10, 2012.

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November 20, 2012

Great post, Daylynne! I find myself exactly at the sort of crossroads you’re describing. I write all about it in my latest blog post:

Sent you a skype message. Looking forward to hear more about your upcoming project :)

All the best,
- Robert Axelsen