Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Social Media vs. List Building

social-influenceIs Social Media the new take over for ListBuilding?


Well — Social Media has been part of the Internet for about 6 years or more at this point. Why is it suddenly a threat? Or more importantly, why should it be a huge addition to our list building arsenal?


Social Media has been around so long that most marketing people have taken it for granted. Then, actually pushed it aside, as having nothing worthwhile for marketing.


After all, what use is funny videos on YouTube, or 140 spaces on Twitter, or for that matter, a few thousand “friends” on Facebook?


Many of us have tried to incorporate their points into our plans and strategies for marketing but found their usefulness sadly lacking. Granted there are a few who have made it work with their plans, but on the whole, it just doesn’t line up with the mainstream money making that internet marketing does.


So why is it suddenly all that big a deal?

Well – simply, up until now only the users were on the internet. We were “a little-closed community” of a few thousand million. :- )


With the advent of the Androids and Smart Phones, suddenly all the world is now part of our ”little-closed community.” Now, the entire world, except those 28 people without cell phones are our market area and community.


As Internet Marketers, we’ve missed the boat – or almost anyway. But it’s NOT too late, believe me, you are NOT too late to join in and be one of the top leaders too.


Imagine having those 890 “friends” on Facebook as part of your confirmed subscribers on your auto-responder today! Think that would make a difference in your marketing strategy?


Or maybe better than that, a few million joining up from your informative video on YouTube!


To give you a few great ideas, and show you that it’s not too late to join-up, I’ve found a few great products for you to start with.


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