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Thousands of Internet Marketing people know me by name and reputation and I love them all. Mostly, I love I M it’s the one marketing discipline where all share knowledge, helping one another to make money online as a livelihood and/or a hobby that pays off.

To me, the best part has always been the sharing. Through it I have been enriched with great friends, fellow associates, pals and several fabulous partners :)

Today I want to continue sharing with you all. I have had three major things happen to me in my lifetime, that I want to pass along to you.

First, – I’ve opened a Bargain Shopping Blog Site.

Basically, I am sharing with everyone how to save money with their everyday shopping. My tagline is:

“Never Pay Retail again”

Then, I tell people, there is nothing in the world (for sale) that I can’t show them how to buy it at a great discount.

A Bold statement – and a bit unbelievable –

A BIT???

YUP! But I really can, stop by my site and I’ll tell you all about it. :)

So here is my first gift for you

A Free piece of Software

and a whole list of great FREE STUFF — good stuff — not half a fun size candy bar — hehehe – but real things..

Also FREE games; and FREE apps (the kind they sell).

Along with FREE Coupons; and promo codes; and all sorts of Geeky things that all you I M’ers will love.


BLB small header

Your Marketing Pal,








The Second thing I want to share with you, has been a passion for me all my life.

Figure Skating

I was a champion figure skater in my younger days and then taught it as an accredited course at two different Universities. I also coached other competitors to championships.

This year, an incredible young Japanese man, Yuzeru Handu, just 20, won two major Championships that shook the skating world.. Nothing too unusual in that – as he was the Olympic Champion in 2014.

BUT what caused fabulous excitement and gasps and standing ovations was that he skated a perfect program and got the highest marks EVER recorded in skating.

An extremely difficult program that was skated to perfection. The sheer power and technical prowess were only outdone by the magic of the artistic part of the program.

It’s an emotional experience that everyone should see and experience. So here is my gift to you.. Don’t just watch it once. Enjoy!

Be sure to let it run to the end – then see and hear the reactions.



Along with skating, most skaters became great Classical music enthusiasts. I wish I could share this with you.

Serge Rachmaninoff the great Russian composer was known as the greatest pianist of all times. He wrote a piano concerto that is still known to this day as the most impossibly difficult concerto to play (he wrote it for himself). He died in 1943, but a recording of him playing the concerto has been re-mastered and put on the market. I’m not sure it’s online anywhere, except perhaps in short excerpts.

It was a deeply emotional experience to hear the composer himself playing the most difficult piece ever written. I am sorry I can’t give you a recording. But you can share my love of classical music with my gift to you of classical music playing 24/7/365 and it’s all free..

This is a radio station here in the Seattle area and they stream music – everywhere in the world

Just tune in and have a great look around, then choose “listen” then take your pick of non-commercial music your style. We here within listening distance of the radio, even choose the beauty of it online that streaming gets. Happy Listening, my FREEBIE to you. :)

Well – alright so you may not like classical music – it’s still better than half a fun-sized candy bar. :)







PS — your comments are welcome.



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