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May 8th, 2013

Social Media vs. List Building

social-influenceIs Social Media the new take over for ListBuilding?


Well — Social Media has been part of the Internet for about 6 years or more at this point. Why is it suddenly a threat? Or more importantly, why should it be a huge addition to our list building arsenal?


Social Media has been around so long that most marketing people have taken it for granted. Then, actually pushed it aside, as having nothing worthwhile for marketing.


After all, what use is funny videos on YouTube, or 140 spaces on Twitter, or for that matter, a few thousand “friends” on Facebook?


Many of us have tried to incorporate their points into our plans and strategies for marketing but found their usefulness sadly lacking. Granted there are a few who have made it work with their plans, but on the whole, it just doesn’t line up with the mainstream money making that internet marketing does.


So why is it suddenly all that big a deal?

September 7th, 2009

How to Write Emails that Will Generate Responsive Outcome

mail“Remember, the aim of an Email ad is only to get the prospect to click through to your web site. The sales letter or squeeze page should complete the sale for you. ” Here are some tips to writing your own Email ads that you can take away and try out for yourself.

The Subject:

Take care to ensure your subject line stands out and grabs the reader’s attention. Just think of all the email that your prospect probably receives… Plenty right? So your subject line really needs to be eye-catching. Here are some subject lines you can complete as required to fit in with your offer:

July 25th, 2009

Life’s a Journey

life_is_a_journeyI know you’ve all heard that expression before,  but I want to add something to it.  It can also be an adventure!

A few years back,  some friends and I decided to stop taking vacations,  trips, or day-tours or get-away-weekends.  They all got dull and boring.  Instead,  I suggested that we go on an adventure!  An Adventure?  they all yelled in unison.  How about this,  from now on,  we will take adventures.

Not off to safari in Africa,  but how about some adventures right here at home?… 

June 23rd, 2009

Enough information to make a newbie’s head spin…

Hi  Everyone

With hundreds of products to show you how to make money online,  it’s almost impossible to tell which one to choose and start working with that will help you the most. This months reviews, I hope, will help you over that hurtle.

The Top Marketing Courses Site Reviews are now up and running. Visit the links on the side. This months products for review are: Tellman’s List Building Club,  extensive…