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April 18th, 2016











Thousands of Internet Marketing people know me by name and reputation and I love them all. Mostly, I love I M it’s the one marketing discipline where all share knowledge, helping one another to make money online as a livelihood and/or a hobby that pays off.

To me, the best part has always been the sharing. Through it I have been enriched with great friends, fellow associates, pals and several fabulous partners :)

Today I want to continue sharing with you all. I have had three major things happen to me in my lifetime, that I want to pass along to you.

First, – I’ve opened a Bargain Shopping Blog Site.

December 8th, 2013

Meet Crystal… My Life Saving Heroine.


Our little “Starr boarder,” came to my house to stay a while during her owners absence. Shes anything but a life saver, Shes a sweet, playful, and loving and obedient, happy little ball of pure love. Actually shes a Maltese lap dog, bred to
Be a companion.

I am a heart patient and a diabetic, currently undergoing some treatments. One night a few weeks ago, about 4am in the morning, little Crystal, sleeping happily next to my recliner, jumped up and started barking.. with that “there’s an intruder” bark.

I woke up startled, and after calming her down, suddenly I realized I was having some kind of “attack.” I knew one thing to do. I went to my study, and immediately took my blood sugar reading.

My little alarm, had awakened me just in time. My sugar reading was then 44! I’ve been down this path before, and the last time it was that low I wound up in the hospital for a few days while they tried to stabilize my blood sugar.

But Crystal actually saved my life that early morning. Had I continued to sleep, and not taken precautions as I did, I would have died. Low blood sugar, means your body is in
a dying mode. I simply would not have ever awakened.

So in lieu of a celebration where we present her with a Life Saving Medal, we simply want to tell the world about her.

Oh, as a side note, she has never been trained as a service dog, or trained for anything really. Shes the typical Maltese lap dog. The only thing she HAS been trained to do (by her owner) is to never bark! And, as I said above, she is a very obedient little hunk of love!



November 15th, 2012

Are You as Successful as you should be?

Are You as Successful as you should be?

Are You  as Successful as you WANT to be?


Whats holding you back?


That IS the question isn’t it?  Why aren’t  you successful?  Or not quite as successful in this business as you think you should be or want to be?


About 4 to 5 years ago I asked myself this same question!  I expected and worked hard towards my goals and although I was “doing alright” for my time in Internet Marketing online,

I wasn’t smashing any records in the money department.

Nor was my name a “household name,”   fact is,  I was barely known except by a few friends online.


So, I did what any good businessman (or in this case woman)  should do,   take stock of what I had been doing what was working and what wasn’t and why.


Right  now,  if you are at this point of your business online.. you should do the same thing,  stop and analyze why you aren’t doing what  you should be.

August 20th, 2011

Let’s Get Personal

I was recently asked, in an interview, “What would you consider the first step to building a list with the idea of being successful online?”

Well, actually the question stunned me a little because I didn’t expect it. I thought for a second and quickly composed myself, and then answered.

What do you think the answer would be? The First Step? Setting up a website? Setting up a blog? Starting a list? Taking an course? Hummm

But my first response was, to brand yourself. When you become your own brand, then you have a platform to relate to your audience. When you remain the “mystery person” hiding behind a company name, you never become a real person in peoples eyes.

And why would you want to be a real person to them?
For one simple reason: People buy from people.

January 28th, 2011

Its Back! The Bargain Basement Giveaway!

Announcing the return of the popular Giveaway  of last season.

Daylynne Starr    And   Chris Jenkins present:

The Second Annual Bargain  Basement                 Giveaway2

Bigger and Better than ever..

More Gifts
More Prizes
More ways to improve your list

Enter NOW — open to JVs  now  Click here.
Open to members coming in for the free gifts,  Wed  Feb 9th.

PRIZES:   First Prize in our referral contest:
$100  PLUS  a solo mail to a list of  50,000!

Other prizes:  Solo mail outs to Chris and Daylynnes lists and to  the events list.
Everyone on the leader board with 5 referrals are entered in a
Drawing for gift cards and mail outs.

All JVs given our Brand New Free book, “Massive List Building through Giveaway Events”  to help recruiting.

Random Door Prizes of Gift Cards for the members coming  in to see the huge array of products offered to them Free.