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July 25th, 2009

Life’s a Journey

life_is_a_journeyI know you’ve all heard that expression before,  but I want to add something to it.  It can also be an adventure!

A few years back,  some friends and I decided to stop taking vacations,  trips, or day-tours or get-away-weekends.  They all got dull and boring.  Instead,  I suggested that we go on an adventure!  An Adventure?  they all yelled in unison.  How about this,  from now on,  we will take adventures.

Not off to safari in Africa,  but how about some adventures right here at home?… 

July 18th, 2009

News from the Hinterlands… (Free Schwag Alert!)

free_stuffHi Everyone….

Some great news this time. If you’ll notice,  you can now see the many great comments that I’ve been receiving on the Blog here.

Some of the students with me in our new Mentoring Class with well known Marketing Guru from Britain, Alex Jefferies, are known as the Dream Team. Our members are doing just GREAT things already, shows how quickly one can progress in a Mentoring Program. We are all excited and revved up raring to go! I invite you to visit their sites,  and watch our progress as we go from puny weak guys to Super Marketers.  ( I think we get our Red Capes this week…   LOL). Links to their Blogs will be on the side navigation bar  (hopefully by tomorrow). Be sure to visit them for some really great information and very interesting content.

Next:  as a student, I have prevailed upon Alex Jefferies to let me give you… thats GIVE you (meaning like Free)…

July 6th, 2009

The Freebies are Free! Sans Hassle!

Hi everyone…

Thanks for your comments and for signing up for the Freebies, its the sign-up box over there on the right. And yes! it really is the FREEBIES box. When you sign up the first thing you will get is a…