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December 11th, 2009

Have You Tried Give-Away Events Yet?

complicatedThere’s been some negative talk about Giveaway events getting old hat, and fewer people supporting them, and that they were dying off. Well Giveaways are still going strong and getting better than ever. If you haven’t participated in one,  its time to get into the act.

As a JV (Joint Venture)  partner:

  • You get a chance to add lots of people to your mailing list.
  • You get to put up a product,  that will put YOUR name and product before more people than pick your gift,  and these are people in the business.
  • And,  you get to put up a product as an upsell of the one you give away,  so you can also make some money.
  • You get to put up a One Time Offer (OTO) to sell a product,  and everyone gets to see it (more publicity.)

And on several  of the events, there is also small 3 liner ads that are at the top of each page. And to top that all off… you also have a chance to win some real money if you bring in the most JV partners and Member guests. And all of this is actually free, (unless you upgrade). You actually have member status too, so you can get any and all of the other gifts being offered by the other JV partners.

Of course, you can just come in free when the event officially opens and grab everything you can get your paws on…

Soooo   what are you waiting for?  An invitation?  OK .. in that case:  here is your personal invitation:

Paul Hooper and I are having our first giveaway event together,  and we would like you to come and join us.  Its a Christmas themed event.. and we are doing some things differently. FIRST we are giving the Members Random Money Prizes — so not only can you grab a bunch of goodies,  but you might also win some money. And for you technically challenged (as I am),  if you need help as a JV partner we have an expert standing by to help you load your gift.

So come along… we officially open the doors on Wednesday, December 16th,  and runs until the 23rd.

BUT – - Doors are NOW open for the JV partners. Please join us, and have some fun while you learn a new method of making money and building your list.

Get a taste of Christmas Giving early,
Daylynne Starr