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July 17th, 2010

Do Sales Funnels Scare You?


Does the idea of putting  up a sales funnel,  scare you into numbness?

Do you freak out with the mere thought of trying to keep the whole process straight?

Well,  take a deep breath and relax,  I have the solution for you.  Let me help relieve your anxiety.
“How can I make some money on the net?  I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work,  what can I do?”

A few months back,  one of my readers came to me with that same old problem all newer people in marketing seem to  have  and a lot of not so new people too.   :-o

July 13th, 2010

Ad Swaps and Relationship to Your List

I  recently wrote this post in a forum.  It was in answer to a long
thread answering a question about using Ad Swaps to build a list
quickly,  and with what frequency one should do swaps.

I thought you would be interested in my post.  I invite your response
also.  What do YOU think?


The gentle, sincere and loving care and feeding of a tender young list is nothing to be casual about.  It is a serious business.  It will be the life-blood of your business, and your income.

In writing on this subject,  I have found that following the Golden Rule is usually the best principle.  If you want a REAL experts advice…  look at yourself!  When was the last time YOU hit that unsubscribe link in the zillions of emails you get a day?

And more importantly WHY?  I can tell you what I do.  The first time you send me
3 sales letters a day,  I get up tight,  the next time, you get dumped.    :-)

We’ve been told that the money is NOT in the list –  the money is in your relationship with your list.  What kind of relationship are you setting up by constantly bombarding them with sales pitches?

July 7th, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

Yesterday is history,   tomorrow is a mystery…
and today is a gift

That’s why they call it the Present!

(a little quote from former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt)

Each of those “days” has much to do with marketing on the net.
If you spend time dwelling on yesterdays,  you can’t get past today.
If you get so involved with today  that you never look to tomorrow…
you will only have today.

What I am saying here,  is that looking to the past,  and dwelling on the
mistakes and bad parts of it,  will hurt  you in many ways more than you
realize.  It will hinder you from looking to a brighter future,  and cause
you days of regret instead of productive days.

In life,  as well as marketing,  looking to the mistakes of the past,  is only
productive in order to avoid doing them again,  or to fix them.

Living for today (only),  as a poet once said, “live for today for
tomorrow we die,”  will do one major thing,  it will MAKE  your
tomorrow’s dead things.