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March 28th, 2011

Getting those first names on your list

15 ways to Start Your Own Mailing ListOne of the worse things about being a “Newbie”  is learning  where to start!  Thousands of new words and phrases to learn,  maybe a couple zillion products to learn how they work.

Endless Emails of how to do this or that…  what’s a poor Newbie to do?

Then, on top of all that  –  “they” keep pounding at you that you  have to build a list!  List Building – List Building  — soon that’s all you hear.   You can’t make money without a list,  Build Your List!  Build Your List!

The whole thing is frustrating enough without being hammered about a list!  Well the REAL  problem is – how do you build a list without having a list to build from?

Really –  almost every way to build a list – isn’t – they are mostly ways to ADD to your list,  but not how to start it!