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April 2nd, 2012

The Worlds First Interaction Giveaway Event

Imagine: an event where everyone can win top prizes, where the person with a starter list has a chance at the big prizes too.

Imagine: An event where you can actually talk to the other members of the event – at the event –exchange ideas and share.

Imagine: An event where you can ask any question about marketing and have it answered in a Webinar setting by some of the worlds top marketing people (not a pitch fest).

Imagine: An event where we play games for fun and prizes! Unheard of! We laugh all the way through.

Imagine: Being on the bottom of the leader board and walking away with the days top prize.

Imagine: Playing games on FaceBook and chatting and having a fun fest there too. And win prizes too.

Imagine: Prizes of all kinds: mail outs; gift cards; cash;
And a host position; and the gem of our awards –
“The Product Showcase”
Top marketers prize products given as prizes. . where you can see them and learn about them too.

Imagine: Having everything you go to an event for, plus having all these things too! And having the event with large numbers of people in it.

Now – Don’t Imagine—but go and see the real thing!

Super Heroes of Internet Marketing Colossal Giveaway

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Brought to you by Super Heroes:

Wonder Woman  — Daylynne Starr
Captain Marvel –   Charles Mutrie
Iron Man             –   Jayson Benoit
SuperMan           –   Wayne Dobson


Why a new event?

I am excited to bring about the first major change to Giveaways since they started. This was my vision about this event: