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December 8th, 2013

Meet Crystal… My Life Saving Heroine.


Our little “Starr boarder,” came to my house to stay a while during her owners absence. Shes anything but a life saver, Shes a sweet, playful, and loving and obedient, happy little ball of pure love. Actually shes a Maltese lap dog, bred to
Be a companion.

I am a heart patient and a diabetic, currently undergoing some treatments. One night a few weeks ago, about 4am in the morning, little Crystal, sleeping happily next to my recliner, jumped up and started barking.. with that “there’s an intruder” bark.

I woke up startled, and after calming her down, suddenly I realized I was having some kind of “attack.” I knew one thing to do. I went to my study, and immediately took my blood sugar reading.

My little alarm, had awakened me just in time. My sugar reading was then 44! I’ve been down this path before, and the last time it was that low I wound up in the hospital for a few days while they tried to stabilize my blood sugar.

But Crystal actually saved my life that early morning. Had I continued to sleep, and not taken precautions as I did, I would have died. Low blood sugar, means your body is in
a dying mode. I simply would not have ever awakened.

So in lieu of a celebration where we present her with a Life Saving Medal, we simply want to tell the world about her.

Oh, as a side note, she has never been trained as a service dog, or trained for anything really. Shes the typical Maltese lap dog. The only thing she HAS been trained to do (by her owner) is to never bark! And, as I said above, she is a very obedient little hunk of love!