August 20th, 2011

Let’s Get Personal

I was recently asked, in an interview, “What would you consider the first step to building a list with the idea of being successful online?”

Well, actually the question stunned me a little because I didn’t expect it. I thought for a second and quickly composed myself, and then answered.

What do you think the answer would be? The First Step? Setting up a website? Setting up a blog? Starting a list? Taking an course? Hummm

But my first response was, to brand yourself. When you become your own brand, then you have a platform to relate to your audience. When you remain the “mystery person” hiding behind a company name, you never become a real person in peoples eyes.

And why would you want to be a real person to them?
For one simple reason: People buy from people.

March 28th, 2011

Getting those first names on your list

15 ways to Start Your Own Mailing ListOne of the worse things about being a “Newbie”  is learning  where to start!  Thousands of new words and phrases to learn,  maybe a couple zillion products to learn how they work.

Endless Emails of how to do this or that…  what’s a poor Newbie to do?

Then, on top of all that  –  “they” keep pounding at you that you  have to build a list!  List Building – List Building  — soon that’s all you hear.   You can’t make money without a list,  Build Your List!  Build Your List!

The whole thing is frustrating enough without being hammered about a list!  Well the REAL  problem is – how do you build a list without having a list to build from?

Really –  almost every way to build a list – isn’t – they are mostly ways to ADD to your list,  but not how to start it!

January 28th, 2011

Its Back! The Bargain Basement Giveaway!

Announcing the return of the popular Giveaway  of last season.

Daylynne Starr    And   Chris Jenkins present:

The Second Annual Bargain  Basement                 Giveaway2

Bigger and Better than ever..

More Gifts
More Prizes
More ways to improve your list

Enter NOW — open to JVs  now  Click here.
Open to members coming in for the free gifts,  Wed  Feb 9th.

PRIZES:   First Prize in our referral contest:
$100  PLUS  a solo mail to a list of  50,000!

Other prizes:  Solo mail outs to Chris and Daylynnes lists and to  the events list.
Everyone on the leader board with 5 referrals are entered in a
Drawing for gift cards and mail outs.

All JVs given our Brand New Free book, “Massive List Building through Giveaway Events”  to help recruiting.

Random Door Prizes of Gift Cards for the members coming  in to see the huge array of products offered to them Free.

January 12th, 2011

What’s All This Hype About Giveaway Events?

So Really! What is All This Hype About Giveaway Events?

Giveaway Events are becoming more popular than ever.  More and more newer members of the marketing community are supporting them in larger and larger numbers.

Why the great surge back to these events that just a short time back were beginning to wane?  Simple!  Because they

Not only are the newer people supporting them,  but  the older marketers with large list numbers have returned to enjoy the advantages of them too.

So what’s behind all this rush, hype and support?  Simple! They are Win-Win-Win situations.  There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose,  besides they are really fun to attend.

November 29th, 2010

A List Building Blog?

Yes indeed,  I just opened my New List Building Blog.

A Blog dedicated entirely to List Building!  It’s Powerful as article after article appear,  and comments and  helps start rolling in from –  why from YOU of course.

Right now, there are 6 original articles;   How-to videos on the site,   and
several products;  plus a “Must Have”  Free report on common list building mistakes to avoid.

If you are a member of my list you don’t need to opt-in, as you will have
given the link for it in a recent Email from me.  Do sign up and you won’t ever have to opt-in for any of my Free Reports.