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September 22nd, 2009

25 Things About Me…

25 Things that Everyone Should Know, or No One Should. (that’s why I’m publishing it on the net)

by Daylynne Starr

1) I have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and love funny stuff. I love funny movies and shows, and look for humor in the everyday things of life. I really believe laughter is the best medicine.

2) I’m a control freak, and a perfectionist. I have a natural CEO mindset, which makes me a great CEO, but a real bitch at work.

3) I’ve had 4 books published, all non-fiction, and won Barnes & Noble Writers Awards. Also wrote 4 different monthly regular columns for national magazines, including being columnist for the AKC Gazette. I’m considered a professional writer, but I don’t consider myself a writer. I think I’m just a blabber-mouth, who has to resort to writing it down once in a while, usually just when everyone leaves the room,

4) I advocate changing your eating habits instead of dieting, doctors agree with me, Weight Watchers don’t.

5) I’m a “Who,” you know what a Who is? Well, there’s a lot of us. Fact is there are so many Who’s that they put out a BIG Book so you can keep all of us separate. And they call that Big Book, Who’s Who. NO, not the Who’s the Who. I had a very busy life before becoming an Internet marketer.

6) I love everything techy, but usually need someone to show me how to do them. But I have no idea how to text message… and fortunately none of my friends do either.

7) I count heavily on my outsource team. (shhh, don’t tell them that)

8) I have always been touchy about my age, and resented it when I was young and people’s first question to me was always, “How old are you little girl?” When I asked my mom why I couldn’t ask those people their age, I got hushed. PS, don’t ask me now either.

9) I love to eat… eating is more than a way to stay alive… its what makes living worth while… Good and Great foods… and not afraid to try almost anything. I have a great story about my first time eating raw oysters on the half shell, and in public.

10) I loved Alex Jeffreys lesson on planning… that’s me… somewhere in my life I forgot how to be spontaneous.

11) I love casinos… and go often. I have 5 Indian casinos within 15 miles of my home, and friends and I go often for a day or evening out for the great food they serve and a good time. I’m anything but a gambler. But I win a lot. (Must be my good clean living, LOL). Really looking forward to our Vegas trip.

12) I love the finer things of life… cultural things, like concerts, the opera, museums, and historical places and things, fine art and such. Classical music plays all the time I’m at my computer, with one of the best sound systems available.

13) I’m a shopper. Shopping isn’t exactly my first love, but pretty close to it. Well! I AM a woman after all!

14) I’m a loyal friend, almost to a fault, even if they’ve hurt me. I value true friendship, but don’t have enough of them.. still trying to find one in marketing, want to apply?

15) I’m an incurable night owl. My usual hours are from about 10:30 to 11am to about 2:30 to 4 am. But I hate to be phoned after 9:30 pm I do my best creative thinking and doing after midnight.

16) I hate “roughing it” camping, and hiking stuff. I did my share of fishing and hunting things with my husband, so I could be his buddy. Now, my idea of roughing it is when the Hilton runs out of ice. Warm drinks, UGH

17) I hate being called to join someone’s mentoring online course, especially when one of their EMPLOYEES is going to be my personal coach… all for $5000 and up.. if he’s so good, I keep wondering why that employee is still working a JOB?

18) I am an absolute couch potato.. I did my share of exercise in athletics when I was young. I love curling up in front of the Big Screen TV with an old classic movie, or a new thriller. Pass the popcorn.

19) I’m Ms. Fuss-budget, I like everything neat and tidy, a place for Everything and Everything in it’s place. You should see how neat and tidy my desk is. NOT!

20) I love being pampered, like what woman doesn’t?

21) One of my faults is that I love to help people, and show them what and how to do things. It seems there are a lot of people who just don’t want my help, and resent it. Wonder why? (refer to #2)

22) When I was a teen, I was a world class figure skater. But when I first started, one of the first things I was taught, is that it was OK to fall, as a fact, I would fall many times before I became a really good skater. But the most important thing about falling, is learning to always get back up again.

23) Hello! I’m Daylynne and I’m a Choc-o-holic. It’s incurable. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

24) I had to learn to be a procrastinator…now having problems unlearning it, seems I don’t get around to it.

25) Money isn’t a motivator to me. I’ve been very very rich, and I’ve been pretty broke, and believe me rich is better! And you know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but you can sure be miserable in style.

26) I don’t like writing my “About Me” page, or telling people my biography, because my life has been so interesting, adventurous, exciting, and rewarding, no one ever believes it and brands me as a liar. So this 25 or more things about me is as close as you’re gonna get. Oh yeah, did I mention, I’m real bossy too.

Oh and did I mention I’m single, and I love moonlight walks on the beach and sitting by a cozy fire holding hands with my partner…. Opps wrong list…LOL