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July 17th, 2010

Do Sales Funnels Scare You?


Does the idea of putting  up a sales funnel,  scare you into numbness?

Do you freak out with the mere thought of trying to keep the whole process straight?

Well,  take a deep breath and relax,  I have the solution for you.  Let me help relieve your anxiety.
“How can I make some money on the net?  I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work,  what can I do?”

A few months back,  one of my readers came to me with that same old problem all newer people in marketing seem to  have  and a lot of not so new people too.   :-o

May 16th, 2009

I review money making products

Hi Everyone

I have some exciting news.  I am  starting new Marketing Review sites. These reviews will help you in either looking for a good home based business to start,  or more information for running yours.

The Net is so full of so many products to help people make money online it can get very confusing. And really, there simply isn’t anyone to ask, unless you have a…