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July 17th, 2010

Do Sales Funnels Scare You?


Does the idea of putting  up a sales funnel,  scare you into numbness?

Do you freak out with the mere thought of trying to keep the whole process straight?

Well,  take a deep breath and relax,  I have the solution for you.  Let me help relieve your anxiety.
“How can I make some money on the net?  I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work,  what can I do?”

A few months back,  one of my readers came to me with that same old problem all newer people in marketing seem to  have  and a lot of not so new people too.   :-o

January 3rd, 2010

How To Make New Products In A Day – - Huge Success!

The Premier offering of my newest product was a huge success.

“Ten Products You Can Make in a Day.”     This great little E-mail Course  debuted a few
weeks ago and caused a sensation with the big smash hit that it was.

SPECIAL Announcement! The course has now had over 1,000 people sign up for it. (July 15th, 2010)
Thank You all for helping make this course such a winner!

The E-Course is ten different products  that a person can easily make in a day,  and most of them in just a
few hours.  The course,  is New and Original,  not a re-hash,  but written personally by myself.
The products are primarily designed to be used for free gifts in the Giveaway Events, or for squeeze
pages.   I give a short version in the course,  but by adding to the product any of them can easily be
used as sale-able products.

These are ideal for newer people in marketing,  and all of the products are simple and easy and most
of them free to make.  This can easily cut off a lot of time in getting started.

I will be offering the course to all my readers here on the Blog.  All of  my readers who are already
signed up as regular readers don’t have to do anything,  you will get an email with the offering and
a link for it.

The rest of you will have to either sign up as a Blog regular,  or sing for your E-course.    :-)
If you would like to have the course,  you will have to leave a comment and give me one good
reason why you think it will help you in your marketing and making money online.  Easy enough?

Oh,  by the way,  the Ecourse delivered to your mail box every second day until the 10 lessons are
complete,   is completely Free!   And if you don’t think it was worth while,  I’ll give you your money
back!    (lol)    Naturally,  I’ll expect a nice testimonial.

The course will be up in a few days  (my programmer took the Holidays off).

So start filling up that comment box!

Daylynne    :-)

November 29th, 2009



Premier Christmas Giveaway

This  will be my second Give-away event,  Starrs-Giveaway  ran in November and was a resounding success.  My thanks to all our supporters. Our new Giveaway will have many new features — we will be giving PRIZES to the members. Winners will be selected randomly, so nothing to buy, sign, apply for or any other thing,  just show up and start picking out some fabulous products you can use to further your marketing  or  you could even wrap them up and give them as gifts (shhh don’t tell anyone that).

If you are a marketer looking to increase your list,  we invite you  to be our joint venture partner and give away one of your products. Please watch here for the actual dates,  but JV partners will be able to sign up this week.

Thanks… Daylynne

July 18th, 2009

News from the Hinterlands… (Free Schwag Alert!)

free_stuffHi Everyone….

Some great news this time. If you’ll notice,  you can now see the many great comments that I’ve been receiving on the Blog here.

Some of the students with me in our new Mentoring Class with well known Marketing Guru from Britain, Alex Jefferies, are known as the Dream Team. Our members are doing just GREAT things already, shows how quickly one can progress in a Mentoring Program. We are all excited and revved up raring to go! I invite you to visit their sites,  and watch our progress as we go from puny weak guys to Super Marketers.  ( I think we get our Red Capes this week…   LOL). Links to their Blogs will be on the side navigation bar  (hopefully by tomorrow). Be sure to visit them for some really great information and very interesting content.

Next:  as a student, I have prevailed upon Alex Jefferies to let me give you… thats GIVE you (meaning like Free)…